Make Dream of Home Ownership Accessible to All

Target: Marcia Fudge, Nominee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Goal: Reform mortgage lending to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities.

Over the past four decades, racial minorities in America have been systemically locked out of one of the key indicators of social mobility in America: property ownership. In particular, the rate at which white Americans receive mortgage loan approval far surpasses the approval rate for African Americans, Hispanics, and other minority groups. Even as other measures have improved, this troubling trend has barely budged.

Mortgage loans are instrumental in securing real estate. In the past, lenders used overt acts of discrimination (like one-race-only community standards) to justify denying loans to minorities. While such prejudicial tools have been largely abolished by the legal system, more subtle discriminatory loan practices have still denied millions their shot at the American dream. With new leadership at the Department of Housing and Urban Development comes an opportunity for needed change.

Sign the petition below to urge meaningful action that will at last balance the scales for all aspiring home and property owners.


Dear Ms. Fudge,

A recent comprehensive analysis revealed a sad fact: in 35 years, the gap between real estate ownership opportunities for white Americans and Black and brown Americans has not diminished. On average, a white American is significantly more likely to be granted a mortgage loan than a racial minority. This disparity helps the divides in U.S. neighborhoods remain firmly in place.

Now is the time for change, and now is more than the time for decisive mortgage anti-discrimination practices. Please make this important reform a centerpiece of your effort to ensure equality for every American seeking an essential tenet of the American dream.


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  1. Oh BS, damn lol, duhhh…. if you can’t afford something you can’t own it duhhhh??? They’re not special and hell no nothing should be ‘given’ to them. Geez, get a life.

  2. Patricia Glenn says:

    You are certainly a Karen, and your white privilege is showing.

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