Honor Fallen Capitol Police Officers with Memorial

Target:  J. Brett Blanton, Architect of the Capitol

Goal: Honor Police Officer Brian Sicknick and other fallen officers with memorial on the grounds of Capitol Hill.

On January 6, the United States Capitol was invaded for the first time since the War of 1812 and a Capitol Hill police officer was killed in the line of duty as thousands stormed the building with weapons and threats of violence. Officer Brian Sicknick must be remembered.

Officer Sicknick was the only officer killed in the line of duty that day. However, two officers, Jeffrey Smith and Howard Liebengood, later committed suicide in the days following the riots. Many other officers are dealing with PTSD in the wake of the violence they witnessed.

Members of Congress are asking that a tree be planted for Officer Sicknick on the Capitol grounds. Sign the petition to add your voice to this request and further ask that a memorial be constructed in honor of Smith, Liebengood, and all officers still struggling with the effects of that horrific day.


Dear Mr. Blanton,

The January 6, 2021, riots on Capitol Hill were the worst our nation has seen since the War of 1812. Those responsible for this violence are finally facing justice; however, the officers who worked to protect the building that day should not be forgotten.

I join the men and women of Congress who have asked that a memorial tree be planted for Officer Brian Sicknick on the grounds of the Capitol. I also ask that similar memorials be dedicated to the two officers, Jeffrey Smith and Howard Liebengood, who tragically committed suicide following the day’s events. It is their names that must be remembered following this day, not the names of those who carried out or encouraged this horrific terrorist attack.


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  1. Absolutely. As long as there are memorials also for David Dorn, Dave Patrick Underwood, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, Secoriea Turner, Bernell Trammell, and all others who were killed during the summer riots. And Shay Mikalonis, who was paralyzed. Tired of the media pouring all this attention on the what happened at the Capitol, which was awful, no argument there, but glossing over the months of firey and violent protests, cities being burned, fires set at police stations, peoples’ businesses destroyed, etc. You want to call what happened at the Capitol a terrorist attack? Then you better call all the summer destruction and violence terrorist attacks too.

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