Rescue Horses From Apparent “Farm of Horrors”

Target: Sheriff Bill Elder, El Paso County Sherriff’s Office, CO

Goal: Seize horses from alleged “property of horrors” where they are reportedly neglected and malnourished.

Reports indicate malnourished horses have been left to suffer on a horror-filled farm. The woman authorities say owns that property has reportedly been arrested for animal cruelty in the past. Neighbors are outraged and demand that the horses be removed from the property immediately. Sign the petition to join them.

Authorities were called to the Colorado farm of Mindy Danskin after receiving complaints of malnourished horses. While they did indicate what they found was alarming, they added that the horses were healthy enough that they could not be seized. However, neighbors describe horrific abuse on the property.

“Starving, starving. I’ve seen [Danskin] dragging dead horses out of her pasture using a rope around the back part of her truck,” one neighbor told news station KRDO. In 2018, Danskin was arrested after several dead horses were allegedly found on her property.

It appears that Danskin did not learn her lesson and had no right to continue owning such majestic animals after allegedly failing to keep them alive the first time. Sign the petition to demand that these horses be seized and given a new chance at life.


Dear Sherriff Elder,

Over two years ago, Mindy Danskin was arrested after several dead horses were reportedly found on her property. However, authorities have once again been called to her farm after neighbors claimed more horses were being neglected. While authorities did admit the horses seemed malnourished, they were still healthy enough not to be seized.

Neighbors, however, describe a different story. They speak of starving horses and corpses being pulled out to the property’s pasture. I ask that you seize the horses on her property before another life is lost.


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  1. This woman already had her chance to do good by the horses and she failed again. Throw her in jail, confiscate her property, sell it and take care of the horses with the proceeds. Sounds like the sheriff isn’t doing his job….fire him, too. These horses deserve a better life than to be in the presence of an abusive owner. No animal deserves this fate.

  2. The people who abuse or kill animals children or the elderly should not have any kind of mercy towards them

  3. Unacceptable .seize her property. Use that money to take care of the horses and the other animals . Put her in prison . She doesn’t care about the law . Lock her up .!

  4. This vile, mentally deranged ,severe animal abusing bitch most definitely must have the death penalty performed on her. A slow and agonising death for this scumbag is essential!!~!! OH YESSS!!!!

  5. Sheriff Bill Elder, El Paso County Sherriff’s Office, CO
    Seize horses from alleged “property of horrors” where they are reportedly neglected and malnourished.
    This vile and evil psycho lowlife bitch Mindy Danskin must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. If I could get to this evil slut of a bitch this lowlife pos would be eradicated from the planet with the help of all my loving animal friends.
    Kill it slowly !!!

  6. lynn travers says:

    i agree take the farm t oay for the upkeep

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