Stop Seabed Mining From Devastating Marine Life

Target: Washington Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz

Goal: Ban seabed mining in the state of Washington.

Seabed mining has potential to drastically devastate marine life and ocean ecosystems. The practice has been compared to clear cutting, in that it is short-term and non-renewable. It is anticipated by environmental analysis that mining ocean floors will also release carbon stored in deep sea sediments, the consequences of which are sure to be catastrophic. Oceanographers foresee it producing new forms of pollution, disrupting migration patterns and suffocating aquatic life. The sound pollution alone would cause irreparable harm to dolphins, tuna and several other species. 

These are only the effects that can be predicted, there are bound to be several chain reactions that can not be assessed. There is so much about the ocean that is still unknown, and to interfere at such elaborate proportions is short sighted and reckless. Sealife is already facing a multitude of threats such as climate change, acidifications, rising temperatures, waste pollution and loss of marine diversity. The health of oceans must be a priority, one that takes precedence over profitable gain. Sign below and demand that seabed mining be banned in the state of Washington.


Dear Mrs. Franz, 

Seabed mining is not worth the destruction it guarantees. No amount of profit will outweigh what stands to be compromised as a result of this high risk procedure of extraction. What we do know, is that it poses a greater threat to already threatened ecosystems. It has potential to release stored carbon from ocean floor sediment. It will undoubtedly disrupt migration patterns, and suffocate marine life. What we don’t know, but must be prepared for, is the chain reactions set in motion by each of these impacts. 

In this moment, life on Earth is hanging in the balance. Protecting oceans and deep sea habitats is a key component in mitigating climate change. Seabed mining is not in alignment with protecting and preserving marine life. It puts everything at greater risk to extract non renewable resources, leaving a wake of devastation. It must be banned in the state of Washington. 


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  1. Washington Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz

    Ban seabed mining in the state of Washington.

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