Demand Justice for Puppies Shot by Hunters

Target: Kevin M. Deneen, Town Attorney of Enfield, Connecticut

Goal: Ensure the maximum punishment for man who convinced his son to shoot and kill three beagle puppies while hunting

Three beagle puppies recently suffered untimely deaths in Enfield, Connecticut when a man told his son that it was legal to kill any dogs pursuing wild prey. John Lake was hunting with his 13-year-old son when he allegedly misquoted a law that states that police or properly licensed conservation officers may shoot at dogs that are harassing wild deer. His son then took his rifle and shot at five puppies that were chasing a rabbit nearby, killing three.

Not only did John Lake exercise extremely poor gun safety procedures around his young son by allowing him to carry and fire a rifle, but he also encouraged the murder of innocent animals. Upon discovering what his son had done, Lake didn’t attempt to contact the owner or make amends. Instead, he buried the bodies in the woods, where they were later discovered by a local resident. The shameful coverup of his son’s crime only proves that Lake should not be hunting himself, let alone teaching a teenager to carry and use weapons.

John Lake should have his hunting license revoked, as well as be given the maximum possible punishment for animal cruelty and illegal discharge of a firearm. Urge the Enfield Superior Court to levy an appropriate sentence for this brutal crime.


Dear Mr. Deneen,

When John Lake recently went hunting with his young son, his ill-informed knowledge of animal control laws led to the brutal slaughter of three beagle puppies. After telling his 13-year-old son that it was legal to shoot at dogs pursuing wild deer, the boy shot at the first dogs he saw–a pack of five beagles that were chasing a rabbit. Three of the beagles died on the spot.

After discovering what his son had done, Lake continued to exhibit shameful behavior by covering up the bodies instead of attempting to contact the owner of the dogs and make amends. It wasn’t until later when a resident discovered the dogs that their owners learned what had happened.

Clearly, Lake is not an individual that should be in possession of a hunting license or firearm. He passed his poor judgment on to his son, who acted on his father’s advice to kill three young dogs. This callous act of animal cruelty and flagrant disregard for gun safety must not go unpunished. I urge you to take away John Lake’s hunting license and ensure the maximum punishment for his crimes.


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Photo credit: Brooke via Flickr

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  1. Myrna Burdick says:

    The father needs to pay for the puppies and admit to his son his misguided interpretation of the law. And what about the owner of the Beagles, what is his/her responsibility to keep the dogs contained and safe?

    The boy and his father need to do “public service” at an animal shelter where they can learn about the hard life of dogs left to roam the streets.

    I know of a family in my home town who were guilty of
    awful abuse to dogs. Unfortunately they retreat into themselves and feel victimized and do not hear the message of kindness to animals. Lets hope this family
    gets the message.

  2. Marcine Stubbs says:

    This father should have been neutered before he was ever allowed to reproduce. What kind of man would teach his kids to kill innocent little puppies. He needs to be punished with the harshest punishment the law will allow. I don’t agree that the son should be punished because a man like that is probably a child abuser as well, and the kid would have got beaten if he didnt do what he was told.

  3. Killing these puppies was reprehensible, and I hope that both of them go to jail. I would also like to see some people outraged that these bums were out in the woods to kill anything. Deer suffer, too.

  4. miguel villanueva says:

    the mis information & lack of education not only in united states around the world of abuseing nature & all other living animals is just sadly kick to the curb the planet is our home to all living spices??? this is nit encourage in school?

  5. Filthy pieces of garbage. Hunting needs to be made illegal. It simply gives perverts who want to hurt and kill innocent beings a legal out. Disgusting! What a lesson to teach his son.

  6. So here we have another “thug” with a gun teaching his son disrespect and violence. Bet he’s an NRA supporter. Please throw the book at him and take his guns away. Also, please require education and training, although it is probably too late for the father (and maybe for the son too).

  7. okay….put this SOB in front of me, give me a weapon,
    and give me about ten minutes….I will beat the hell
    out of him I swear….please, he must be prosecuted to
    the utmost fullest extent of the law…he is a criminal.
    He should not be permitted to raise his son as he goes
    against the law…everything he did is not correct ANd


  9. I myself am so tired of reading about murder and abuse of animals. Why do people think it is okay to hurt them?? Why do these kind of people (sick bastards) think they can do crap like that and get away with it??
    This very stupid man should be teaching his son to be a good man, an honest man, a man that doesn’t hurt people or animals, any living creature….Oh Lord, he will grow up to be like his Dad, a killer…

  10. Linda Amundson says:

    This is another reason I’m anti-hunting. The father likely is very aware of the law. He figured having his 13-year-old son kill the puppies would get him off the hook and his son, too.

    What a twisted family of killers. It’s clearly too late to teach the dad any compassion so put him in jail, but, with punishment and treatment, the son may possibly not grow up to be just like his cold, cruel dad. Otherwise, we’ll be reading about the son again in the future in the crimes columns.

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