Demand Protection for Rare Hybrid Bears

Target: Parliament of Canada

Goal: Outlaw the hunting of hybrid polar/grizzly bears

As animals adapt to the continuing effects of climate change, wildlife legislation must also be adjusted to protect evolving and emergent species. A new bear hybrid spotted in Canada reveals an environmental loophole that urgently needs to be closed. The new offspring of grizzly and polar bears–dubbed “pizzly bears”–may be extremely rare, but no legal protections exist to prohibit hunters from shooting them. Urge the Canadian government to protect this new hybrid species of bear.

Grizzly bear populations have been shifting north due to rising global temperatures at the same time that polar bears are being forced to abandon their melting sea ice habitat. The mingling of these two bears in northern Canada has led to unusual–yet viable–hybrid offspring. Because grizzly and polar bears share a common ancestor, pizzly bears aren’t sterile like many human-bred hybrids. According to early reports, pizzly bears can mate with polar bears and produce offspring.

Unfortunately, there are no protections in place to prevent the hunting of these new bears. Without restrictions on poaching, bear hunters may wipe out the pizzly bear before scientists have a chance to study the hybrid. With the future of the polar bear already in jeopardy, any strategy for the species’ survival needs to be examined thoroughly. The extreme hunting pressure that this new species faces is a threat to science–and to the bears themselves.

The pizzly bear shouldn’t be hunted to death before scientists can study the species. Urge Canada to close this legal loophole and protect this hybrid bear.


Dear Parliament of Canada,

A new kind of bear has been appearing in the Canadian wilds. This hybrid polar/grizzly bear emerges as both parent species struggle to survive amid warming global temperatures. While the result of an unfortunate global trend, the new bear nevertheless deserves the respect and protection of humans.

Currently, no laws prevent the hunting of this “pizzly” bear. Because it is not registered as an endangered species–or indeed as a species at all–bear hunters are free to shoot pizzly bears on sight. Any threat to this new and unique species will hinder scientific efforts to understand the bear, and may endanger the long-term survival of both polar and grizzly bears. I urge you to close this needless loophole and grant pizzly bears the same protection from hunters that both polar and grizzly bears enjoy.


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Photo credit: Brocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. it’s not the polar bears that are moving… the grizzlies are moving into polar bear territory…

    Grizzly Bears Moving Into Canada’s Polar Bear Capital

    i cannot add my name to a petition that contains faulty information.

    • truthseeker….maybe take another look?

      “Grizzly bear populations have been shifting north due to rising global temperatures”

  2. Every living being in this planet deserves to live and to be taken care by us humans supposedly with a mind and a brain.
    Almost late but probably we can still save our magnificent planet.

  3. I have an idea!! HOW ABOUT they ban ALL HUNTING. NO HUNTING AT ALL. PERIOD. To make sure there is no hunting, they put out hunters to hunt the hunters/poachers. I’d volunteer to be a sniper.

  4. Myrna Burdick says:

    Regardless of which bear is going in which direction, the climate change is effecting both. If their ancestry allows them to produce viable young, protections are needed to keep them alive.

    People keep intruding on wildlife’s territory. If man is so damned smart, he needs to learn to live amongst these animals without harming them. They have no choice as to where to live, they find food where they can. This may mean garbage cans, dogs and cats, other small animals –people need to accept the responsibility of creating an “attractive nuicense” and
    ways to curtail opportunistic feeding by bears without
    killing or maiming the bears.

  5. Scientists have proven that every 20,000 or so years, ice retreats have caused interbreeding between polar bears and the grizzlies from which they came. This has enabled the survival if the rarer polar bears. If this happens again, the polar bear’s survival will depend upon the survival of its genes within hybrid bears. Thus, these bears must be protected as possibly being, effectively, the polar bear species.//What will happen to the seals that need the ice?

  6. There was sn argument made about bisons which were hybrids of plains and woods bison. Really, nature probably does produce hybrids, now and then, and they may well be perfectly valid within their ecosystems. Perhaps research should be done on this. Ultimately, if they are not damaging their ecosystem and are contributing to it normally, then they are probably acceptable. The same would apply to these pizzly bears. Even if there were temporary damage, it might still be acceptable, being a natural, cyclic phenomena local to the area.

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