Pets Who Perished in Alleged Intentional Blaze Deserve Justice

Target: John T. Dusewicz, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Gloucester County, Virginia

Goal: Punish suspected arsonist accused of killing pets trapped inside burning building to the fullest extent of the law.

A case of alleged arson in Virginia turned deadly for three family pets. Authorities responded to reports of a residence on fire in Gloucester County. While no people were home, two dogs and a cat did inhabit the dwelling. Tragically, two of the animals perished at the scene while a third later died from injuries sustained in the blaze. Investigators suspect the fire was intentionally set.

Ta’Kuan Keontay Bingham, who previously lived at the residence, was arrested on suspicion of burning an occupied dwelling. The lives lost in the fire have not been forgotten either; Bingham also faces three charges of animal cruelty at the felony level.

Sign the petition below to help ensure prosecutors remain vigilant and seek the maximum possible sentence in this disturbing case if Bingham is found guilty.


Dear Mr. Dusewicz,

Three innocent animals—two dogs and a cat—were reportedly literally caught in the crossfire of a human dispute. These pets seemingly burned to death and experienced tremendous agony at the site of a suspected arson. Your office did the right thing by charging the suspect, Ta’Kuan Keontay Bingham, with felony animal cruelty in addition to arson.

Please follow through on this commitment by seeking the strongest possible sentence if Mr. Bingham is deemed guilty of the charges. Do not forget these innocent lives taken too soon.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. These are 3 counts of murder via arson. Execute him or life w/o parole. That is it.

  2. I second the execution suggestion.Murder is murder!

  3. agree all comments catch set them on fire.

  4. John T. Dusewicz, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Gloucester County, Virginia

    The monster animal torturer and animal murderer/s must be caught and put to death of deliberately and heinously killing pets trapped inside a burning building.Burn the filthy lowlife monster bastard/s to death. An eye for an eye.

    RIP the precious and innocent animals. Bless them!!!!!!

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