70-Year-Old Tortoise Rescued by Preschool Reportedly Stabbed and Beaten Deserves Justice

Target: Santa Clara County, California District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Goal: Justly punish man who allegedly beat and stabbed tortoise numerous times and require him to seek mental health counseling.

A 70-year-old rescued pet tortoise named Michelangelo was defenseless when he was allegedly hit with several objects and stabbed with a piece of wood. George Robles was arrested shortly after the incident took place. He needs to spend time behind bars and further be required to attend regular counseling sessions if it is found he committed this horrific act.

The tortoise was acquired from a rescue group and has been taken care of by preschool staff for the last few years. He is considered to be a beloved pet to the kids who attend Play ‘N’ Learn Preschool and is used to interacting with humans. It is therefore doubtful that he feared Robles after he reportedly broke into the school. Furthermore, Michelangelo’s age would likely prohibit him from swiftly moving away during an attack. Dr. Tal Solomon, a local veterinarian, stated that surgery was needed in order to remove wood and glass and to repair Michelangelo’s shell. No organs were damaged, and he will hopefully return to school soon.

Sign this petition to demand Robles receive a strict legal sentence and to also demand he be required to get professional help if he is found guilty of this senseless act.


Dear District Attorney Rosen,

George Robles was recently arrested for allegedly breaking into a local preschool and beating an old pet tortoise. He needs to spend time in prison and be required to attend counseling sessions on a regular basis if he is found guilty of this apparent act of animal cruelty.

Michelangelo has lived at the school for the last four years after being obtained from a rescue group. He is loved by the kids and taken care of by staff members. Because he is so used to people approaching him, Michelangelo was likely not fearful when he was allegedly approached by Robles. According to reports, a piece of wood was found going through his outer shell. Surgery was performed on the animal to remove shards and other pieces of wood, per a local veterinarian, and Michelangelo will have to be monitored closely over the next couple of months. For the above reasons, I demand you suggest Robles be punished under the law and that he also be required to see the appropriate counselor on a weekly basis if he is found guilty of this unthinkable act.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Michael Rivera



  1. Starve him and beat him while in prison!!
    Poor turtle is traumatized!!

  2. Adam Hartley says:

    What the hell is wrong with these monsters? What did that poor turtle minding its own business do to this motherfucker? Mental health, my ass! Line up the asshole against a wall and blow out his fucking brains. I hope the poor thing will be back to normal. It must have been traumatized. May he live long.

  3. Charleen Murphy says:

    Poor turtle!! What a weak coward piece of shit hurting a defenseless 70 yr old turtle!! 🙁 Hope this thing gets beat in jail everyday! They need to be in there for the rest of their life!!

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    This filthy creep needs to be beat with a steel bat! What a disgusting thing to do to an innocent animal. I hope Michangelo will heal soon.

  5. Diane Petrillo says:

    I’m sorry but this deserves a severe punishment beyond prison time. No abuse is tolerable, but an ancient creature that has no comprehension of threats or any way to fight back or flee-that Robles is the lowest of low. I have raised and rehabilitated old tortoises for 30 years, and if I had my way with this low life psychopath let’s just say he wouldn’t have a pulse.

  6. Take him home at night, don’t leave ANY pets in schoolrooms overnight or on weekends! This could happen again.

  7. Totally agree Ang! – MUST NEVER leave any pets alone in deserted buildings EVER, there are stil unfortunately other sickos out there who keep doing these horrific acts since they’re never sufficiently punished to remove their appetite for further attacks – disgusting!!

  8. What an absolute scumbag. I hope his name and picture are printed all over his local area so that everyone know what a coward he is. Fingers crossed that Michelangelo fully recovers. Robles needs castrating so he’s not able to pass on his warped DNA.

  9. Jesus,who the fuck beats a tortoise Get this maniac of the street & throw his ass in jail

  10. This MF should be stabbed to death!! WTF !! When are the laws going to do what is right!! This is an absolute disgrace!! Disgusting!! Throw this hackass to the alligators!! They will take care of this trash when the law maker do nothing!!!

  11. Sorry but a preschool is no place for this tortoise to beige with, smh. He needs to be in a sanctuary where he can be cared for properly. I have zero sympathy for animal abusers, this man needs to do serious jail time! He doesn’t deserve to be living FREE and have the luxury of counseling. Let the jail system counsel him.

  12. Stephanie Geyser says:

    What if this piece of garbage had broken into the school, and found a child there? Would he have beaten the child as well? And then pulled the “mental illness” excuse to avoid punishment.

  13. This is better than he deserves. Lock him up for 35 years in gen pop. BTW, there is no parole for the scumbag.

  14. Agree all comments mental or not no excuse do the same back to him. Too bad this dont help poor animals. Starve and bear this fucker.

  15. Santa Clara County, California District Attorney Jeff Rosen

    This lowlife vile and evil psychopathic depraved pea size brain monster from hell Jeff Rosen must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. This vile and evil monster deliberately and heinously beat and stabbed an innocent and helpless tortoise numerous times. Mental Health counceling is absolutely a laugh.This would not help this monster from hell. You kill the evil monster bastard.

    A 70-year-old rescued pet tortoise named Michelangelo was defenceless when he was deliberately hit with several objects and stabbed with a piece of wood. This vile and evil animal torturing lowlife Jeff Rosen must be jailed for life or put to death. What this monster bastard needs. Kill it!!!

    Jail the lowlife vile and evil monster for life or kill the bastard. This monster from hell deliberately and heinously beat and stabbed an innocent and defencless tortoise numerous times. Mental health counseling is a lot of shit. This would do nothing for a psychopathic animal torturer who enjoys torturing defenceless and innocent sentient beings.
    This vile and evil lowlife pos George Robles was arrested shortly after the incident took place. This lowlife monster must be brought to Justice and jailed for life or put to death.He must spend the rest of this monsters evil life in jail and let the inmates eradicate this filth from our planet.

    George Robles must receive the MAXIMUM punishment and be put behind bars FOR LIFE!  SHAME and DISGRACE on this vile devilish monster! There is no parole for the scumbag.

  17. All animal abusers globally must be put to death. Prison is not appropriate. A slow and agonising death is essential!

  18. Mental health counseling?! Euthanise this piece of shit!

  19. He doesn’t need mental treatment hang him instead!!

  20. This SOB doesn’t need mental counseling, he needs to be brutally destroyed. Stop enabling scumbags by blaming “mental illness”. Evil is evil and there is no counseling to stop it. This is why I have no faith in humanity. Wicked acts are getting more vile and the excuses are flowing for it.

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