Protect Sacred Native Land From Massive Copper Mine

Target: Chief of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Vicki Christiansen

Goal: Terminate plans to develop a copper mine on Oak Flat.

Oak Flat in Tonto National Forest, a sacred land to the Apache people, was sold to a London based company to build a massive copper mine. This will not only cause grave destruction to this ancestral land and burial site, but it will also seriously damage the environment. Oak Flat is an important habitat for endangered wildlife and migratory birds.

The project is sure to deplete water supply and quality in the region. It is predicted that the mine would eventually cause the land to cave into a crater a mile wide and a thousand feet deep. The decision to sell this land to a multinational corporation was a disturbing betrayal to the local Indigenous communities and it must be stopped. Sign the petition below to demand cancelation of the copper mine on Oak Flat.


Dear Mrs. Christiansen,

The sale of Oak Flat to a London based copper mining company is a violation of local Indigenous communities and will be detrimental to the region’s wildlife and water supply. Oak Flat is sacred ancestral land and must be protected and regarded with respect. 

President Joe Biden has spoken extensively of his desire to address the climate and ecological crisis. That being said, this environmentally harmful project is not in alignment with the current administration. Plans to place a copper mine in the Tonto National Forest must be terminated immediately. An apology also needs to be issued to the surrounding tribes for this vial disregard of their land and culture. 


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Photo by: David Pinter


  1. Sacred lands must be protected from the mendacious greed of corporations whose only motive is profit…. they would rape pillage and despoil our environment and its wildlife just to put money in their pockets ! Vile disgraceful human beings with no integrity respect for this sacred land or moral compass… This outrage must be stopped as it also contributes toClimate Change.

  2. Don’t you think you have done enough damage to the indigenous people. Their land is sacred and should be left alone. It is shameful, I really wish they were able to reclaim all the stolen land for the sake of the wildlife and other living creatures.

  3. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Stop destruction of pristine land. This territory is part of the ecosystem,it must remain so !

  4. This land must be protected and the animals too, don’t let it be destroyed, fight to save it, please sign and share

  5. Mary Miller says:

    We should go to England and build a copper mine at Stonehenge. This is an outrage, and MUST BE STOPPED! The original occupants of this sacred land (Native Americans) should have the last word about what happens to this beautiful, pristine area, and we know they will take good care of it. It is sacred to them and should then be sacred to all Americans!

  6. Enough was taken away from our Native Americans when settlers arrived here and started developing and living on the lands. Our Indigenous Peoples belong here and deserve to be given back – so much given back to them. Their lands belong to them, and need to be left alone. People should not interfere with and cause destruction to their lands.

  7. Oak Flat in Tonto National Forest, a SACRED LAND to the APACHE PEOPLE, was SHAMELESSLY and GREEDILY sold to a London based company to build a massive copper mine. This will not only cause grave destruction to this ancestral land and burial site, but it will also seriously DAMAGE the ENVIRONMENT.
    Oak Flat is an IMPORTANT HABITAT for endangered WILDLIFE and MIGRATORY BIRDS.

  8. Unacceptable. This is Native American land rightfully. What else is mankind going to ruin of the native Americans? Please leave their land alone . Please leave the environment alone . This would drastically ruin the land.

  9. Shirley Lemieux says:

    This land is a very special place. Home of Native tribes, wildlife, and natural beauty. It does not make sense that Companies based in other Countries can purchase our Land only to bring destruction to it. But even if it was purchased from a US Company, I would still be opposed to the destruction. I support this petition not only for the importance of preservation but for the fact that it is home to many wildlife species and Natives.

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