Stop Criminalizing Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Target: U.K. Home Secretary, Priti Patel

Goal: Expunge criminal records of women forced into sex work.

Women who were forced into sex work in the U.K. are seeking justice and demanding that the criminal records they accumulated while working in the sex trade be expunged. It is legal to buy and sell sex in the U.K., however, it is only partially decriminalized, which means several acts related to the process are still subject to prosecution. This leaves victims of sex trafficking vulnerable not only to those they are being trafficked by, but also by a legal system that treats them like criminals. It also criminalizes sex workers who have chosen a legal trade and puts them at higher risk of rape and arrest when they are working. 

Women report that the cycle of abuse and criminalization makes it even harder for them to move on with their lives. The system should be protecting and supporting survivors of sex trafficking and sex workers, not labeling them as criminals and limiting their options. Sign the petition below to demand that Priti Patel expunge their criminal records.


Dear Mrs. Patel,

Women forced to sell their bodies should not be regarded as criminals in any capacity. To punish survivors of trafficking is a grave injustice. These women need support and access to life beyond sex work. As for women who choose this trade, it is legal to buy and sell sex in the U.K., so stop prosecuting them for providing a legitimate service.

By prosecuting these women as criminals and maintaining their criminal records for years to come, the system is denying them a life after sex work. For those forced into the trade, the experience of being trafficked is incredibly traumatic and they ought to be regarded and supported as survivors. You must expunge the criminal records of women forced into sex work.


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