Save U.S. Food Service Workers from Economic Collapse

Target: Senator Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Aid restaurant businesses and their workers battered by the economic toll of the pandemic.

When much of the world closed down, various employment sectors were hit hard. As businesses began the slow reopening process, certain industries continued to buckle and sometimes even collapse under the pressure. Efforts were made to boost aid for some of these businesses and their employees, such as the cruise industry and the airline industry. Service and hospitality workers have endured a disproportionate burden of these struggles. Yet currently nothing exists in the way of a federal plan to rescue Americans who make up one of the U.S. economy’s most prolific foundations.

Restaurant workers alone comprise eight percent (about 14 million jobs) of the American workforce. This industry keeps shedding those jobs, with nearly half a million restaurant employees laid off just in the last month of 2020. Despite their contributions, many of these workers are underpaid and living paycheck-to-paycheck. A prolonged disruption in their employment could mean homelessness, food insecurity, and so many more crushing effects. The grim outlook for these workers is not likely to reverse itself anytime soon.

A previous proposal called the RESTAURANTS Act would aid this drowning industry with funds for payroll, rent, personal protective equipment, paid sick days, and forgiveness of Paycheck Protection Program loans. This investment would be directed toward smaller restaurants that are bearing the brunt of the chaos. Food service outlets and employees in disadvantaged communities would also receive top priority.

Sign the petition below to urge this important effort’s inclusion in the next round of COVID-19 relief.


Dear Senator Schumer,

President Biden’s new stimulus proposal acknowledged the “disproportionate” impact pandemic-induced economic strain has exerted on the food service industry. Struggling small restaurants continue to close and employees continue to lose their livelihoods by the hundreds of thousands. The proposal expressed hopes that Congress could unite in an effort to provide essential enhanced aid for this particularly battered workforce.

The House of Representatives introduced such an effort months ago in the form of the RESTAURANTS Act. Restaurant owners across the country support this bill. They believe the proposed grant funds for rent assistance, loan forgiveness, and a variety of other survival measures could go a long way in saving the businesses and employees that have taken among the most punishing hits. More advantageous still, these funds would be mostly set aside for the smaller community restaurants that have become beloved fixtures in towns nationwide.

Please include the RESTAURANTS Act or a suitable alternative in any new relief package. Help rescue the businesses and workers that represent America.


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