Justice for Elephants Set Ablaze and Hobbled by Oppressive Chains

Target: Dr. P. Durairasu, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests

Goal: Stop horrific abuse of elephants.

Another sickening case of elephant cruelty in India has highlighted the country’s sadly lacking safeguards for these animals. Following reports of a group of people lethally setting an elephant on fire with a burning rag comes a new incident in Tamil Nadu that involved a chained elephant. The elephant, Makhna Mohan, was photographed on a public route, seemingly in immense pain.

Makhna Mohan had his front legs chained together. Since he is an Asian elephant, he could therefore not utilize the unique manner of walking these elephants employ to stay upright and stable. Asian elephants weigh over four tons on average, so their inability to walk correctly can put a lot of pressure on their organs. Makhna Mohan was hopping and limping in an attempt to alleviate the pain he likely experienced.

The region’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forests was alerted to the event. Sign the petition below to demand this official take necessary action to protect Makhna Mohan and all vulnerable elephants from cruelty.


Dear Dr. Durairasu,

You recently received images and reports of an Asian elephant named Makhna Mohan suffering in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli District. This elephant was forced to limp in chains that prevented him from stabilizing his body weight. As a result, he would have in all probability endured tremendous pain.

This victim of animal cruelty deserves justice, as do the countless other elephants (including the recent casualty of a mob burning) who suffer without consequence. Please do everything in your power to advocate for and protect these innocent animals and punish their accused abusers.


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Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar



  1. I had to read the petition title three times because my brain couldn’t even comprehend what it was saying. When will people realize that animals are living feeling beings and should not be tortured or abused.

  2. JORGE LESCANO says:

    Life sentence for bastard abusers, justice for elephants!

  3. Indian people in the West just ignore the attrocities that go on in India. Even Kamala Harris wants to hide her Indian heritage and not deal with her Mother’s country of where she grew up. Kamala spent lots of time with Indians and in India. It is time that Indian people enjoying the West start to do something about what goes on over there. It is one big horror show.


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