Stop Exporting Millions of Animals to Their Deaths

Target: Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

Goal: Stop the horrifying export and murder of farm animals.

Unbeknownst to the general public, Canada is the third-largest exporter of livestock in the world. These animals suffer from inexplicable conditions and neglect while they are shipped around the globe to die in other countries. This disturbing agricultural practice has to stop.

Each year, more than 22 million farm animals are sent from Canada to over 70 countries. While farm animals shipped within Canada are protected, however poorly, by transportation laws, animals shipped internationally are exempt from these regulations. This means livestock can be in transit for any length of time, to anywhere in the world, as long as their basic needs are met. This latter point is the responsibility of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), but Canadian courts have declared that the CFIA has no legal duty to enforce this.

Upon arrival, transport companies are required to submit a report detailing all death and serious injuries that occurred during the trip. Not only is this an admission that such atrocities occur, but the CFIA does not publish this data.

Canada’s woeful mistreatment of livestock within its borders and overseas must end. Sign this petition to stop the disgusting export of Canadian livestock.


Dear Honourable Bibeau,

2019 saw nearly 22.5 million animals leave Canada’s shores to 73 different countries. These animals are exempt from basic welfare laws. They can be kept in confinement for an undefined length of time. The CFIA does not publish how many animals suffer serious injury or die during transport, and the CFIA is not even legally responsible to ensure the animals’ basic needs are met. It is unfathomable to try and comprehend the suffering and abuse these animals sustain in unfit and unsanitary accommodations.

It is deplorable that animals are intentionally put in such conditions and disgusting that this abuse is done to profit an industry. This exploitation is a blemish on the agricultural community, and on Canada itself.

I urge you to show that Canada is a humane and ethical country, and stop the suffering of exported livestock.


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  1. Each and every one of these mentally deranged scumbags involved in live animal exportation must be exterminated by means of a slow and agonising death!!

  2. Loretta Tiefen says:

    Stop murdering animals.

  3. Canada despises animals! The cruel practices Canada endorses are countless. Exporting millions of innocent animals to endure unimaginable suffering is only one example. All respect for this country is gone😡

  4. CHINA oops i mean Canada,no different!!! simply savages.

  5. Nikki Alexander says:

    Part of the reason we have so many outbreaks of zoonotic disease are many of the harmful practices within the food and farming industries where animal health and welfare regulations are regularly breeched!

    The animals suffer through disease, rough handling and abuse these horrific journeys if torture sometimes last for days as the animals are crammed in unhygienic and confined. For the sake of humanity and the animals these practices must now be stopped!we have had too many outbreaks now ebola, SARS, mers, foot and mouth, orf, TB, swine flue, bird flu, covid 19 and the list goes on! Let’s stop these harmful and abusive practices now and ensure farm animals are given the respect and health checks they need as well as taking into consideration the consequences in human life!

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