Prevent Insect Apocalypse

Target: Michael Regan, Nominee for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Safeguard insects from eradication.

The global insect population has been reduced by one-quarter. Nearly half of insect species face extinction. Why does this “bug apocalypse” matter? Far from being mere pests and nuisances, insects help sustain every life force on Earth.

For one, many insects keep the cycle of plant life going strong. Plants are the centerpiece of food chains and ecosystems all over the world. Even multiple medicines that prolong our lives ultimately rely on these dependable servants of nature. A respected and renowned biologist once claimed that if insects “were to disappear, I doubt the human species could last more than a few months.”

His words resonate as scientists continue to investigate the reasons for this alarming decline. Predictably, most of these reasons can be traced back to human activities such as deforestation and heavy pesticide use. Researchers have developed many recommendations for counteracting this dangerous trend.

Sign the petition below to encourage new American leadership to tackle the ongoing crisis in novel and innovative ways.


Dear Mr. Regan,

The new administration has devoted much time to addressing issues of environmental protection. One often-overlooked but critical component of this effort involves the alarming decline in insect populations. Without needed and urgent intervention, these small creatures could lose half their species to extinction in just a few decades. With this loss would come widespread upheaval of ecosystems that pose a threat to life itself.

Scientists have recommended several steps that could alleviate this disturbing trajectory: pesticide reduction, lawn conversions, investment in native plants, deforestation limits, a comprehensive public education campaign, and much more. Please unite these experts in forming an action committee committed to rescuing the nation’s, and the world’s, insects from further catastrophic loss. Such a plan could not only save insects; it could very well help save the world.


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Photo Credit: Alves Gaspar



  1. Loretta Tiefen says:

    THis is so important. Insects are critical to the planet

  2. Elizabeth Story says:

    The world has spent the last 30 years spending billions of dollars finding new ways to kill insects, so it’s imperative that we now reverse this and divert monies to protect and save them from further loss.

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