Dog Allegedly Left to Starve and Die in Freezing Temperatures Deserves Justice

Target: Gilmer County, West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney Gerald B. Hough

Goal: Give man who allegedly allowed dog to die outside in freezing temperatures without enough food harshest legal sentence.

A pet sitter allegedly starved a dog he was caring for and left the animal outside to freeze to death. Billy Richards was arrested for the crime. He needs to receive the most time in prison possible if it is discovered he committed this horrible act of animal cruelty.

According to reports, Richards told authorities that he opened the dog’s cage every other day to distribute food. Only one blanket was allegedly provided for warmth. After authorities had Richards dig up the body, police reportedly discovered that the dog was extremely thin and appeared to be malnourished.

Richards is currently being held on a $15,000 bond. Sign this petition to demand he spend the longest amount of time behind bars that the law will allow if it is found he abused this innocent animal.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Hough,

Billy Richards was recently arrested on animal cruelty charges after it was allegedly found that a dog he was pet sitting for died outside in the freezing cold without access to an adequate amount of food. He needs to receive the strictest sentence allowed by law if he is found guilty of this heartless abuse.

Richards reportedly told authorities that he let the animal out of a cage to eat every other day and that one blanket was put inside the enclosure. Officers had Richards dig up the body in order to better observe the remains. Authorities stated that the dog looked too skinny and was likely not given enough food to survive.

Richards was arrested shortly afterwards and is now awaiting trial. For the safety of other animals in the area, I demand you suggest Richards receive the most stringent sentence possible if he is found guilty of this inexcusable animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Ivan Bandura



  1. Not only did this man leave an innocent and defenseless dog outside in freezing weather with little water and no heat, it wasn’t even his dog, he was pet sitting for someone. Someone left this coward in charge of their pet and this is how he takes care of it, by killing the animal? Lock him up, fine him and permanent lifetime ban on any animal contact – and that would not be punishment enough. What a loser.

  2. So are Pet sitters not to be trusted? I am sure there are many wonderful Pet sitters. But this gives them a bad name. Such a shame. I feel sorry for the poor Dog, it is heartbreaking what he went through. And the poor Family who trusted this scum!!!

  3. May this psychopath meet the same fate as that poor dog ASAP I am sick of those evil vicious creatures darkening the face of our society… The owner of that animal had a poor reading of human nature to have left his dog with that vermin in the first place… There’s a place in Hell waiting for that scum.

  4. He sounds like he may very possibly be a repeat sick animal abuser. I would bet this wasn’t the first time for this vile subhuman waste.

  5. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs, as their death

    Perhaps the evil of all evils

  6. All animal abusers must be put to death globally!

  7. Linda Cummings says:

    Thrpw this soulless asshole into an unheated prison cell and throw him a bone every other day. That is what he deserves.


  9. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Prosecuting Attorney Hough,
    What are they waiting to pass a law that is valid in all the states of the country?

    Bill Richards must be sent to prison for a minimum period of 10 years and fined a large amount that he must pay before going free
    and placed on probation for at least another 10 years.
    It’s incredible that all animal abusers can get away with murder, they are criminals that don’t deserve to be free.

  10. Peacock Louise says:

    shoot him.

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