Denounce Superintendent Who Reportedly Refused to Wear Mask Despite Teacher’s Dying Request

Target: Chris Ragsdale, Superintendent of Cobb County School District

Goal: Apologize for allegedly disregarding plea to wear a face mask and encourage safety measure adherence in public schools.

Elementary school teacher Patrick Key became one of the estimated 500-plus K-12 teachers to die of COVID-19 when he succumbed to the illness on Christmas Day. Before he passed away, the 23-year teaching vet had one request: for the colleagues and community for whom he cared so deeply to wear masks and protect themselves and others. This plea was seemingly too much for some Cobb County, Georgia school board members.

During a Board of Education meeting, a colleague implored mask-less attendees to put on the protective gear “as a tribute to this teacher who did everything you asked of him, even teaching through a pandemic.” Despite the fact that at least three teachers in the county have lost their lives because of the pandemic, some members of the board still seemingly refused to wear a mask. This dishonorable list apparently included the school district’s superintendent.

Sign the petition below to demand this supposed leader apologize for his apparent disregard and start setting a life-saving example for the educators and the children who look up to him.


Dear Mr. Ragsdale,

Your actions in these two minutes have spoken louder than words.” The moderator of your recent school board meeting had it somewhat wrong. Your apparent lack of action, and lack of caring, said it all.

59,000 of your fellow Cobb County citizens have contracted COVID-19: the third-highest rate of infections in all of Georgia. Three county teachers who gave their lives to public service have now lost their lives to this disease, including 53-year-old Patrick Key…the man whose dying wish you seemingly could not see fit to honor for even a few moments. As the county’s schools continue to reopen for in-person learning, setting the right example is not a matter of politics or petty argument. It is a matter of life-and-death.

You dishonored your standing as an educational leader by apparently refusing to wear a mask. Do the right thing and acknowledge your alleged wrong. Most importantly, set a standard in the future that the children under your school systems’ care can emulate and follow with pride.


[Your Name Here]

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  2. I don’t care whether you believe that masks protect the wearer and the people you come in contact with or not. The debate can go on forever. Not everything is known about this virus yet, and it’s best to err on the safe side, especially for essential people such as teachers.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    People can be so selfish.

  4. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Just wondering if any of the people who didn’t wear a mask had an exemption.

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