Puppy Reportedly Tortured on Social Media Deserves Justice

Target: Dekalb County, Georgia District Attorney Sherry Boston

Goal: Give woman who allegedly tortured puppy on social media sites harshest legal sentence and do not allow her to be around animals.

A 6-month-old puppy named Max was allegedly tortured several times by a social media star. Brittany Johnson, also known by her followers as Lovely Peaches, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. She needs to receive the strictest sentence the law will allow to better ensure she will not continue this behavior if she is found guilty of these horrific acts.

Johnson allegedly kicked Max across the room, hung the animal up on a coat hanger, and sprayed perfume in his eyes. She also reportedly offered to eat Max’s body on a live feed if the helpless creature did not survive.

Johnson has been accused of committing more than one animal abuse crime. She is now behind bars thanks to many angered social media users. Sign this petition to demand Johnson receive the longest prison sentence possible and to further demand she no longer be allowed to be around animals if these allegations are found to be true.


Dear District Attorney Boston,

Brittany Johnson was recently arrested for allegedly buying and abusing a puppy named Max on her social media sites. It is important that she receive the most stringent sentence possible if she is found guilty so other animals will be safe.

Johnson allegedly showed a picture of Max hanging up on a coat hanger on her Instagram account. She further is accused of forcefully kicking him, and spraying perfume in his eyes.

Johnson has been accused of other incidents involving animal cruelty. I therefore demand you seek the longest jail sentence possible and have her barred from being around animals in any capacity if she is found guilty of such thoughtless abuse.


[Your Name Here]



  1. Something must and had better be done to hold this HEARTLESS BITCH liable for the cruelty she impose on this INNOCENT dog.

    people like this DOES NOT deserve to breathe.

    DO YOUR JOB AND PUNISH THIS BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. JORGE LESCANO says:

    Death penalty for the evil bitch!
    Justice for Max!

  3. Hang her nothing less people like her should not be ALOWED around Animals death to Animal abusers 🤬

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