Ask Christina Aguilera to Stop Testing on Animals for her Fragrance Line

christina aguilera

Target: Christina Aguilera and her partners at Proctor & Gamble

Goal: Demand that Christina Aguilera stops testing her fragrances on animals.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently released a list that reveals which companies test their products on animals. Christina Aguilera’s fragrance line made the list. Her perfumes, manufactured by Proctor & Gamble, are tested on animal subjects, meaning that innocent animals are being tortured and killed for the sake of beauty products. Safe alternatives exist for animal testing, such as human volunteers, using pre-existing knowledge about safety reactions, and testing on stem cells. Testing on animals is an outdated practice that is no longer needed for cosmetics.

Animal test subjects undergo painful procedures such as being repeatedly injected with substances to determine how fatal they are. For fragrance animal testing, animals are usually shaved and smeared with various chemical concoctions to see what sorts of skin reactions occur. Many experience painful rashes and scabs and are often killed in the process. The United States no longer requires animal testing for cosmetic and beauty products, which indicates that companies who continue to conduct tests on animals are doing so by choice, likely to save money.

Christina Aguilera is a pop icon and her product lines are extremely popular. Consumers deserve to know the truth about these products. Please ask Christina Aguilera to stop testing on animals for her fragrance line.


Dear Christina Aguilera and partners at Proctor & Gamble,

PETA recently announced that your fragrance line uses animal testing. Testing on animals is an outdated practice that has many more humane and safe alternatives, such as using human volunteers or stem cells. Since the United States does not require animal testing on cosmetics, your company is choosing to test on animals, despite the available alternatives.

Animal test-subjects undergo excruciating pain and often death. In order to test fragrances, mice, rabbits, and other small mammals are typically shaved and then have various chemicals applied to their skin. This can result in painful rashes, sores, scabs, and even death. There is no reason in modern times that animal test subjects are needed for beauty products. In medical fields, animal testing is sometimes required to ensure that foods and medicines are safe for human consumption. However, for beauty products, these tests are unneeded, cruel, and outdated.

As a cultural icon, your fragrances are extremely popular, but your consumers need to know the truth about the animal tests that occur with these products. Please stop testing on animals for your fragrance line.


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  1. Money before compassion, these beautiful creatures don’t have a choice, Christina Aguilera does.

  2. Jennifer L. Hollis says:


  3. Maybe if she saw on a video how badly these animals suffer from this research.I wonder if she would let her own pets go through the torture of animal testing.who knows she could be a great help to the animals and make a difference if she turns things around.My grandmother always told us that there is a little good in everybody.Oh yes,signing and sharing.Please do the same,thank you…x
    a few seconds ago · Like
    Write a comment…

    • You are right!This is what i suggested her- to be brave anough and start doing really worthy things. Her voice can be heard by more….Of course, if we assume she does not know. It is hard to believe, she knows that, loves her dogs and agrees for that!


  5. chloe hopkin-fisher says:

    She pretends to love animals, and then tests her own perfume on them ?!?!
    How hypocritical ?!

  6. Someone should take her perfume and spray directly into her eyes see how it feels…maybe then she will realize the pain she is causing innocent creatures.

  7. For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma.

  8. Nothing surprising from such people.What irony she’s holding her pet while she tortures other animals.Typical,for I know unimaginable crimes that celebrities do to humans also. Like those who click to donate daily on,so like Christina others of her egocentric kind harm daily to all sorts of beings they can, only to accomplish whatever they want.I would gladly fight and unveil some disturbing facts.

  9. I would NEVER buy Any Thing related to C.Agu.

  10. Christina! You are so beautiful and probably good person and I believe, you love animals. You do no not need products tested on animals.. there are many others. Money? How much… Think – You can do something much better and worth to be remembered and loved, really loved – you have a chance.Please, stop it! Stop and announce to the world…Just think and try to be not only beautiful but also brave- Do not turn your eyse but look! Animals as cute as your lovely dog… can you see it being tortured and in pain without imagination, with no hope to stop, only by death?

  11. You morons do realize Christina only chooses the sents, she is NOT involved in the testing process and DOESN’T know about this.

    • Maybe! Then she should get to know as soon as possible. You are right, we may not have right to judge her…since we do not know, what she knows. Ironically, she as well as other celebrities can do something good in it, if they know what happens to animals. They can protest officially. They have enought money to be afraid of poverty.

    • Bullshit!

    • Sarah Wilhoit Sarah Wilhoit says:

      I would argue that it is her responsibility to know how her own products are manufactured. If she is unaware of the animal testing that is conducted for her products, let’s make sure she becomes aware. I know I would not want anything with my name on it tested on animals. Maybe she feels the same way and can stop the abuse.

    • Denise Millet says:

      You are a moron for calling people names. So childish. She should know. Her name is on the product!

  12. Christina, if you won’t test your products on your dogs, why should you test it on other animals don’t they all deserve love? Please put an end to this, thanks.

  13. I am surprised that an artist with so much passion can act without compassion towards animals. They are not put on this earth for our amusement-they are our companions. I will not buy any of your products until you stop this brutal practice.

  14. debra pike says:

    how can she have a dog yet test her frangances on animals?just not right!

  15. And having created all these straw men, they then proceeded to waterboard them.
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  16. Just another so called star only caring about the money and not caring about harming the animals.

  17. que se proivan de hacer fragancias y que cierren los laboratorios lo agan todo natural sintetico culpables el que lo hace y el que se lo pon en

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