Take Action to Prevent a Climate and Ecological Crisis

Target: Member of Parliament, Aspana Begum

Goal: Support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

Scientists have been releasing warnings of the changes in the environment for decades and governments have proven to be negligent by refusing to respond appropriately. In recent years, there has been a drastic swell of grassroots movements demanding urgent mitigation. Leaders have a lot to say about sustainability and net zero carbon emissions, but in application, their words have no grip. 

That is why a collaboration of several grassroots movements alongside qualified scientists have drafted the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE). The Bill calls for a Citizens Assembly to make decisions on how to best reduce carbon emissions and reestablish the economy with sustainability at its center. It would essentially call on residents at random like a jury duty and provide them with the necessary data to make informed decisions. This would remove the influence of corporate lobbying as well as allow for more diversified representation in the decisions making process. Sign the petition below to show support for the CEE.


Dear Ms. Begum,

For years scientists have warned of the climate and ecological crisis. Now we are witnessing the consequences of inaction.  We can not afford to wait any longer to achieve net zero carbon emissions. We can not count on future technologies that don’t exist. What we need is urgent action. Governments around the world have failed to prioritize beyond corporate interests and potential profit. 

This pattern has cost life and land. It has cost people access to clean water. It has cost the livability of the planet. We are running out of time and we can not rely on our leaders. I urge you to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, to call on a Citizens Assembly to guide the process of decarbonizing and reshaping the economy around sustainable energy. 


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  1. YES!! Get the money out of politics. We need real solutions to climate catastrophe, not oil and gas companies buying favors to cause more destruction to the environment. We need a panel of informed scientists and environmental leaders to handle this crisis.

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