Don’t Poison City’s Drinking Water by Fracking

Target: Margo Sommerville, President, Akron City Council

Goal: Reject proposal to frack land located near Akron, Ohio’s drinking water supply.

The city of Akron, Ohio’s water supply may soon be in dire peril. Akron City Council is considering the decision to allow fracking on over 475 acres of city-owned land. This land is owned by LaDue Reservoir and is just upstream from the Cuyahoga River, which provides the city’s drinking water supply.

The practice of fracking, digging deep into the earth to extract oil and natural gas, has consistently proven to be a danger to the environment and all who inhabit it. Across the U.S., fracking operations have been suspended or banned altogether after it was discovered that the drinking water of millions of residents was contaminated.

While Akron obtains most drinking water at the surface level, no studies have been done to predict how local groundwater wells will be impacted. However, as history has shown us, there will be more negatives than positives. Ask city council to protect its citizens by rejecting the proposed fracking project.


Dear President Sommerville,

The dangers of fracking are no secret. The negative impact this practice has on drinking water is one of the main reasons why fracking has been banned in numerous towns and states across the nation.

Fracking so close to your city’s reservoir and drinking water supply is a risk too dangerous to take. Meanwhile, the impact on the numerous groundwater wells in your city has never been studied. To protect your citizens, their water, and their health, I ask that you reject the proposed fracking project at LaDue Reservoir.


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Photo Credit: Sarah Craig


  1. Patricia Williams says:

    Haven’t learned a thing, have we? Lakes in LA, poisoned by fracking. Earthquakes ringing land, destroying foundations and ruining water because of fracking. Flint MI is not enough? We do not need to frack. People aren’t driving so the oil prices are down. Do not do this. You cannot undo it!

  2. Dont forget Flint mi where they used water that wasnt clean enough for humans

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is a no brainer. Fracking activity poisons groundwater and water supplies. BAN THIS NOW.


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