Provide COVID Relief, Not Military Spending, for the U.S.

Target: U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell

Goal: Block unnecessary defense spending until COVID relief is granted to America’s struggling population.

The working-class people of America are in dire need of relief. The House of Representatives has passed legislation approving $2000 stimulus checks. Now the future of this relief is left up to the Senate; however, some senators are saying they won’t vote in favor of the funds because Congress has to pass a $740 billion Pentagon budget instead. 

The Pentagon has been over-funded at the expense of working-class people for far too long. Now they are in desperate need. Senators Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey are blocking the defense bill until the stimulus checks are approved. It is time that more senators join them in this fight.

Don’t let the Pentagon’s excessive budget prevent the American people from receiving the support needed to survive these trying times. Sign the petition below to demand other Senators block the passage of the extravagant defense bill until approval of the $2000 stimulus checks is granted. 


Dear Senator Cantwell,

The American people are struggling to make it from one day to the next. Thousands have lost their lives while millions more have lost their jobs or are on the verge of losing their homes. It is sickening that the much-needed relief package is being weighed against a $740 billion Pentagon budget. 

I urge you to back Senators Sanders and Markey in blocking the defense bill until the $2000 stimulus checks are approved. America’s working-class population faces desperate circumstances. It is the responsibility of elected officials to apply public resources to serve the people’s needs and best interests. That being said, the public does not need billions of dollars allocated to private military contractors via the defense bill while they’re offered insubstantial relief. You must do right by those who you represent and approve the $2000 stimulus checks. 


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