Stop Trophy Hunters From Ravaging the Prairies

Target: Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, Alberta, Canada

Goal: Put an end to slaughtering Alberta’s wildlife and mounting their heads on a wall.

Trophy hunting is a shameful attempt to show dominance over another species. Killing an animal is not something to be proud of, and it is certainly not something to flaunt. Trophy hunting is estimated as a $1 billion global industry, and much of this happens in rural communities across North America. Sign this petition to protect our local fauna from being hunted and displayed for pleasure.

Trophy hunting is not an act of desperation or the need to sustain oneself, but a cold, calculated pursuit with the intention to kill for pleasure. Graphically displaying their preserved bodies allows hunters to conceal their ignominy of killing a majestic creature, just as they cowardly concealed themselves behind their rifle scopes. Many trophy hunters are incapable of hunting on their own, and display their incompetence by paying thousands of dollars to be led by a guide.

All animals are impacted, from the great predators’ pelt thrown on the floor to a deer’s head mounted on the wall. Most animals sought for trophies are the mature, large and impressive creatures, and while our ancient ancestors received glory for killing them, modern humanity has no place for people who linger in this base mentality. While many trophy hunters assert their veneration for nature’s animals, this “sport” only teaches disrespect and we should not let the next generation be exposed to such cruelty.

Sign this petition to protect local fauna from being hunted and displayed for pleasure.


Dear Minister Nixon,

Rural Alberta is a major destination for the trophy hunting industry. From inspiring predators to timid stags, no animal is safe from being senselessly killed and having their remains explicitly displayed. The trophy hunting industry has a global economic impact of $1 billion annually, yet more than 80% of Canadians are against this activity.

Trophy hunting has no societal benefit. It does not feed people, as many carcasses are left to rot once the desired “prizes” are removed. It does not regulate animal populations nor protect agriculture operations from wildlife impact. It simply allows people to release their base instincts in the name of sport, and teaches the next generation that nature is a beast to dominate.

This yearly slaughter is cruel and unnecessary, and it is shameful that a progressive government in the 21st century supports an industry based on the senseless killing of an animal for pleasure and profit. This must stop.

I urge you to put an end to hunting of Alberta’s wildlife for trophies, for personal and export purposes.


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Photo Credit: Thomas Quine



  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  2. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters!!!! We need to unite together internationally and exterminate every vile hunter!

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      I agree! We need to be rid of them! This is so sad, vile, criminal!! I don’t understand it. I love all animals!!

    • How to do it? It will not be easy but an amendment to ban it can go on referendum. How does it work in Canada? DOX the hunters so they get what they deserve. yes

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Trophy hunters need their heads mounted on the wall! The only good hunter is a dead one!!

  4. Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, Alberta, Canada

    All the vile and evil Poachers and Trophy Hunters must all be hunted down and tortured to death by the same unimaginable torture, suffering and an agonising death these filthy lowlife monsters from hell commit against their defenceless and innocent victims. Kill all the vile and evil Trophy Hunters and Poachers.
    They are not human. They are the monsters on our planet.
    Eradication is a must!!!! Kill them all.


  6. The petition states that trophy hunters seek mostly the biggest, oldest, most impressive animals to kill. This isn’t always true, especially in the “hunts” in Africa and other countries. All those killers want is any specimen, such as a lion, elephant, etc. for their “prize”. Many of these animals are already endangered, but money talks and greed wins out. Countries need to ban animal parts from entering from other countries and to create laws in their own countries to control the killing. One of the most horrible feelings is entering a room where heads, or sometimes whole bodies of animals, are hanging or standing. Who kills a defenseless prey animal just to prove their dominance, or a predator that is at the other end of a long range rifle? HUNT WITH A CAMERA! It lasts longer and takes up less wall space!

    • People need to start making their lives miserable till they off themselves. Anyone living close to those bastards needs to handle it. I am trying to get animal abuse to be punishable by harsh sentences but there is so much resistance from the status quo. It is tough but not impossible.

  7. Ravinder Singh says:

    i find such people sick. Why cant they see in their innocent eyes. I hope these people should be hunted. Wanted our earth beautiful and don’t want monsters-on this earth. I suggest to this guy he should put his own trophy also and below these animals trophy as he is inferior to them.

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