Save Innocent Service Dog From Euthanasia

Target: The Courthouse of the City of Montrose, Colorado

Goal: To save a physically abused service dog from being wrongfully euthanized

Currently, a service dog named Dutch is in danger of being euthanized due to a court order claiming him to be a “vicious” dog. Dutch has been classified as a “vicious” dog because he bit his previous owner after she beat him. Action needs to be taken in order to save Dutch’s life.

The incident took place while Jeremy Aguilar, Dutch’s current owner, left Dutch with his previous owner in order to drive a family member to the airport. While under the watch of his previous owner, Dutch was punched, kicked, and hit with a metal pole for several minutes. The previous owner claims that she was breaking up a dog fight between Dutch and another dog and she was merely trying to get Dutch off of the other dog. Even if this is true, she did not have to inflict such abuse on Dutch in order to separate him from the other dog. Dutch’s attacker admitted to beating him and even said that she “started punching him in the face and kept punching him” until her hands began to hurt so bad that she could no longer hit him.

The veterinarian who evaluated Dutch’s wounds found that he received extensive trauma to the face; if his attacker was trying to “break up” a dog fight, he should have never sustained such severe injuries. The veterinarian also came to Dutch’s defense by describing his calm nature during the exam. Dutch was described as “well-mannered” and “sweet”; he didn’t need any type of restraint during his examination.

Other animal experts are also coming to Dutch’s defense. Animal behavior specialists have assessed his behavior and believe he is one of the nicest dogs they have ever seen. He is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen, a title that is only earned by dogs who have undergone a behavioral assessment.

Dutch’s former owner has pressed charges against him. The judge ruled Dutch as a “vicious” dog because Dutch bit his previous owner after he was beaten and not while he was beaten. The bite was considered a vicious attack because it was a separate circumstance from his beating. Because of this, there is now a court order for Dutch to be euthanized. Also, Jeremy must surrender Dutch or he can face a year in jail. Sign the petition below to urge the judge to reconsider giving Dutch the death sentence for defending himself.


Dear Courthouse of the City of Montrose,

It has come to my attention that there is pending case regarding Jeremy Aguilar and his service dog, Dutch. Dutch has been classified as a “vicious” dog because he bit his attacker after she beat him. His attacker claimed to have hit him in order to break up a dog fight between Dutch and another dog, but the injuries Dutch sustained were far too severe to have been caused by her “breaking up” a dog fight. Regardless of her intentions, this woman still beat Dutch and he more than likely bit her because he was threatened by her; he was merely trying to protect himself from someone who was more than willing to harm him.

Because Dutch has been classified as a “vicious” dog, he is in danger of being euthanized. The veterinarian who examined Dutch as well as other animal behavior specialists have assessed Dutch and agree that he is not a vicious dog at all. I am urging you to please spare Dutch’s life. Please take the action to allow Dutch to undergo a rehabilitation program in order to prove he is not vicious so he will not have to be euthanized.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. David Sandlin says:

    What is wrong with this picture?
    Putting down a dog for protecting itself. If this bitch was beating me with a pipe, I would have bit her too unless I could have gotten to my gun. Then I would have shot her face off. Going to put me down for protecting myself also.
    The legal system there is crap if they do this, time to move to a third world country where it is more fair.

    • This woman is the one who should be put down, not Dutch! This Judge is elected and it is time to impeach! Wonder who is lining his pockets? A case like this can make or break a career. I say we break his career!

    • She said she was breaking up a fight between Dutch and her dog. Where are the medical records for her dog? What injuries did it get? Her dog probably started the fight. She also had Dutch by the nose and collar dragging him inside!? Why did she not take her dog in instead of Dutch? Her story has changed several time. Wish I knew her full name, send her letters stating what i think of her! None of it nice! I hope all her neighbors make her life miserable!

  2. Sarah Jenkins says:

    I’ll tell you what, if someone hit ME repeatedly over and over again, once they are done hitting me, I would definitely turn around and punch them back…so why should it be any different for this dog? That woman deserved what she got, she had no business doing what she did and she is stupid for pressing charges against a dog. If she can’t handle a dog, she shouldn’t have agreed to watch him, he should have just waited for his owner at home.

    • this dog was hers before it became a service dog. She probably would take it inside to beat it so the neighbors would not see the abuse she was inflicting on Dutch! And Dutch remembered and knew what was to follow. This woman needs to be put down. The Judge needs to be impeached. And Dutch deserves Justice and set free to be with his owner. There was probable $50,000 worth of training that Dutch had to be a certified service dog. This woman should have to reimburse the owners or whoever trained him, if Dutch is put down! If there is a local DAV chapter, they need to be informed and take action. This is probably not the first time she abused Dutch!He just retaliated this time in self defense! OR . . It was her own dog that bit her and she wanted her bills paid. Her secondary infection was the result of not keeping the wound clean!!! That is not Dutch’s fault! Not his fault that she is a slob and to lazy to take care of the wound!

  3. Agree with David & Sarah!!!!

  4. Karen Gibbins says:

    The judge in this case needs to hear from the public about what they think of his/her ruling. And how people feel about his/her order to take down Dutch’s FB page!

  5. Below is a letter I sent to the Judge. If anyone wants to copy and paste, be my guest!

    Richard Brown

    You have not been addressed with your title because I find it despicable to use the word “Honorable” in the same sentence as your name! You are more inferior than the woman in this case, simply because you have the authority to seek truth in this case, but are blinded by your greed, power and corruption. You are the epitome of “blind justice.”

    Why is it that Dutch has been sentenced to a death sentence while the woman who abused him gets off with nothing? ESPECIALLY when she ADMITTED to the abuse? Funny how HER story has changed several times, but not the veterinarian that examined Dutch. Dutch had more damage done to him than the human in this case. She provoked him, and like all of us “animals” he was only trying to defend his life! Where is the justice? Obviously a rhetorical question, since there is no justice in YOUR court room.

    How can this woman, who has admitted abusing this dog severely, not be held accountable? It is cases like this that can make or break a career. I personally hope this case is a career breaker for you. Not only do you not deserve to sit on the bench, you don’t deserve to be in the justice system at all, in any capacity. With someone lacking such common sense as you, I personally wouldn’t permit you to be the janitor for the rest rooms in a court of law.

    You have the title Honorable? What a joke. Whose pocket did you line for your appointment, because you certainly do not hold this position because of your gray matter. Perhaps you served time in a Kangaroo Court before, because that is the court that was held for Dutch.

    You could not see justice if it smacked you in the face with a 2×4!

    So who is lining your pockets! Because you are not just or fair and not adequate to be a sitting Judge!

    How many times have you left someone go free who should be incarcerated, dropped the charges, or sentenced them to probation? Have you ever done these actions? So what is the unprejudiced action in the case with Dutch, The Service Dog? There is no fairness, impartiality, righteousness, evenhandedness, fair dealing, honesty or integrity there. Sir, you are a man who is lacking in conscience and integrity.

    Lastly, perhaps you should consider the injustice you are spewing out to all who serve in our Armed Forces. Without a stroke of conscience you are eagerly willing to sentence a Service Dog to death, regardless of how it may affect the Veteran. By the way, that is the same Veteran who has put HIS life on the line for you to be able to treat animals and their owners unjustly and dishonorably! Are you aware that the complete training for a Service Dog costs $50,000?

    May God have mercy on your soul, because you’ve already alienated yourself from all human beings.

  6. Michael Guest says:

    That service animal is innocent. Spare his life.

  7. Alright i am interested in sending this judge a letter what the address i can use someone replay and we can figure out by that…

  8. You people are the ignorant one’s. That dog was beaten because it was attacking another dog. If someone is attacking you then that give’s you every right to beat the person attacking you as hard as you possibly can. In fact that dog should have been beaten to death. That dog needs to be euthanized ASAP.

  9. The dog needs to be savved. Lucky I wasn’t attacked by the thing of a woman, I would have been put down for killing her.

  10. Susan moreland says:

    Let’s put the human down. Not the victim at hand!! The dog is the victim. Leave the innocent dog be.. Let justice !!!

  11. Susan moreland says:

    The dog is the victim. Let’s beat the shit out of the owner and we will call it even. Do not punish a animal when they are trying to protect itself. This poor excuse for a human should never ever be able to be anywhere near an animal. She is not to be trusted!! Put her ass in jail. Let the criminals handle her !!

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