Save Tiger Beetles From Extinction

Target: Aurelia Skipwith- Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect Tiger beetles under the Endangered Species Act.

Tiger beetles are facing extinction due to major habitat loss, insecticide use, off road vehicles and climate change. Insects make the world go round and Biologist Jonas Sulk once said “If all the insects on Earth disappeared, within fifty years all life on earth would end.” It is estimated that 99% of species protected under the Endangered Species Act are still alive. 

It is not too late for these fierce little creatures to sustain their part in the web of life on Earth. Sign the petition below to save tiger beetles from extinction by listing them as an endangered species. 


Dear Ms. Skipwith,

Tiger beetles are one of the many insects on the cusp of extinction due to human activity. There is no life on Earth without the insects. We have a responsibility to do everything possible to protect these little creatures from the devastation humans have manufactured. The diversity and complexity of life’s systems are quickly vanishing. 

We may not first notice when beetles rapidly reduce in numbers, or even when they are gone completely, but we will certainly see the horrific chain of events to follow the disappearance of these critical insects. There is no big picture without the tiny parts that collectively make it up. We must save the insects to save us all. I urge you to protect tiger beetles under the Endangered Species Act.


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Photo by: Ryan Hodnett 



  1. Manuela Lopez says:

    Every life matters, not just black.

  2. Black lives matter because according to the police they do not. But Black lives do matter. This is a separate matter and it should not be lumped in with Black lives matter. As a separate issue this species and many other species need strengthened ESA protections because all species matter.

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