Prevent the Development of Nuclear Weapons in Iran

Target: President-elect Joe Biden

Goal: Rejoin Iran Nuclear Agreement and lift financial sanctions.

For a brief moment in time, peace was nearly possible. However, now the relationship between America and Iran is as tense as it has ever been following the U.S. backing out of its long-committed promises. The Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA) was the result of years of diplomacy. It established and monitored restrictions that prevented Iran from developing nuclear weapons and allowed Iran to participate in the global economy. President Donald Trump pulled out of this agreement against  recommendations from colleagues and allies alike. He did not implement any alternatives and in fact nearly started a war with Iran. 

In the wake of his presidency, the U.S. must clean up his mess and reestablish a working relationship with Iran. One that is beneficial to all parties and strives for peace and mutual aid. The first step in accomplishing these goals is to rejoin the JCPOA. The sanctions on Iran that are enforced in the absence of the JCPOA are causing detrimental harm to Iran’s capabilities to manage the COVID crisis and receive much needed financial support. This agreement is life or death for many people and can not wait to be corrected. Sign the petition to demand that President-elect Joe Biden reengage in this agreement and help bring peace to a relationship long fraught with conflict.


Dear President-elect Joe Biden,

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA was not in the best interest of U.S. citizens, international relations, or cultivating a world of peace. His action was widely disputed and his lack of consideration for what is actually best for the people he represented was consistent with his failed presidency. Now you are in a position to undo some of the damage done. Making peace with Iran is an important part of that work. Not only for the American people and Iranians but also for the global economy as a whole. The sanctions on Iran are problematic and create hardship for several of our allies. 

Iran was true to uphold its part of the agreement. Trump was the one that backed out. Now to restore trust with Iran is absolutely necessary for national security and international relations. Iran is deeply suffering due to the sanctions imposed on them without the JCPOA. Without the ability to reach out for international support, the COVID crisis becomes even more difficult to manage. Now to make things right, the first step is to rejoin the nuclear agreement with Iran and to lift the sanctions presently in place. 


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