Don’t Allow Millions of Innocent People to Starve to Death in Yemen

Target: President-elect Joe Biden

Goal: Pull the U.S. out of the war on Yemen and restore humanitarian aid. 

Yemen is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with 80% of the population in dire need of aid. Congress passed a War Powers Resolution to withdraw the U.S. from the Saudi-led conflict, which was vetoed by President Donald Trump. By continued involvement in this war, the U.S. is participating in horrible crimes against humanity. Violations of human rights and international law have allegedly been committed by all parties involved in the conflict in Yemen. 

The Trump administration’s latest contribution was the designation of Houthi rebels as a terrorist organization, a decision that will prevent Yemenis from receiving aid and support and leave millions of civilians to starve to death. UN officials urge for the designation to be reversed as it is considered a death sentence to millions of innocent people. The U.S. must stop supporting the conflict and start supporting the people struggling to survive in a war-torn country. Sign the petition to demand that the United States restore humanitarian aid immediately.


Dear President-elect Biden, 

The crisis in Yemen has gone too far for too long without proper aid. We are now paying witness to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. This is no time to continue providing weapons and intelligence. It is time to provide food, water, and medical supplies.  The U.S. does not want to participate in the abuses of human rights and the slaughter and starvation of millions of civilians and children struggling to survive in an active war zone.  

The designation of Houthi rebels as a terrorist organization is a death sentence to millions of innocent people. It must be reversed immediately. Congress passed a War Powers Resolution only to have it vetoed by President Trump. By executive order, you must reverse Trump’s veto, withdraw U.S. backing from the Saudi-led coalition, and reallocate resources to humanitarian relief efforts. 


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Photo by: Khaled Abdullah

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