Don’t Let Flood Victims Drown in Displacement and Despair

Target: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, President of Kenya

Goal: Invest in humanitarian aid for communities devastated by flooding.

Regions of Kenya have experienced unprecedented flooding in the last year, with rainy seasons extending far beyond their normal reach. This ongoing natural disaster, fueled by the overheating Indian Ocean, has caused a humanitarian crisis on several fronts. Hundreds of thousands are at imminent risk.

Over a span of just a few months, nearly a quarter of a million people were displaced from their homes near the source of the flooding: Lake Victoria. Entire villages were consumed by the rising waters. Even those families who could remain in their homes have still suffered immensely. With crops and farmlands destroyed, a sizeable portion of the 84 percent of Kenyans who live paycheck-to-paycheck were left without a consistent income, causing widespread poverty. Clogged dams and cut-off river sources impacted power and threatened water supplies. And the relentless waters have decimated sanitation standards and increased concerns about disease outbreaks like cholera.

Despite these enormous hardships, government aid has been short in coming. Sign the petition below to urge real relief for communities victimized by climate change and inaction at the highest level.


Dear President Kenyatta,

Lake Victoria’s flooding has battered Kenyan communities, with longstanding damage and no end in sight. Men, women, and children have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their health, and in the most tragic cases, their lives. They need maximum support and aid from their leaders.

Please commit full resources and invest extensively in helping the hundreds of thousands of civilians harmed by this humanitarian catastrophe.


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Photo Credit: Marvin Nauman.


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  1. When will Barack Obama help his father’s country, Kenya. I just saw his brother saying that he has never done anything for his Kenyan family or the community in which they live, which is in dire need even in advance of this flooding.

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