Justice for Puppies Allegedly Neglected to Death at Unlicensed Pet Shop

Target: Joseph T. Corradino, State’s Attorney for Fairfield County, CT

Goal: Punish woman who allegedly neglected and starved three puppies to death.

Chronic neglect allegedly led to the deaths of three puppies in Connecticut. The woman charged with their deaths, Catherine Palmer, reportedly was in possession of seven more puppies and two elder dogs at the time of her arrest. This tragedy could have been even graver, and accountability should be a top priority.

Palmer does not seemingly even live at the residence where she was said to have kept the animals. They reportedly lacked access to even basic food and water. Tenants of the building had reported at least one unresponsive puppy, kickstarting the investigation. These witnesses later alleged that the accused woman had attempted to replace the ailing puppy with a healthier animal in order to fool authorities. Conditions at the residence where the other dogs lived were extremely unsanitary, according to reports.

Even after this initial incident, the vulnerable animals remained in this seemingly unlivable household until another distress call from the same tenants. By this time, three of the young animals had reportedly lost their lives. Even worse, Palmer was allegedly running an unlicensed pet shop while these poor animals were suffering.

Justice must finally be done for all of the reported victims. Sign the petition below to demand Catherine Palmer face full punishment under the law if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Corradino,

Catherine Palmer has been charged with causing the deaths of three small puppies, endangering several others, and operating an unlicensed pet shop. This woman seemingly abandoned the innocent animals under her care to malnourishment, sickness, and filth, even  after she was reportedly warned of their rapidly deteriorating conditions. Countless more animals could have suffered a similar fate.

Please prosecute this woman to the fullest extent of the law. If she is found guilty, pursue maximum punishment for these horrific acts of alleged animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Aditya Oberai



  1. Nothing worse than some human who is too lazy to work and uses these poor dogs as their “cash cow”. This POS needs to be thrown UNDER the jail and NEVER be allowed to own another animal again or they WILL suffer as these sweet furbabies did.

  2. And this is why we have to crack down on these backyard breeders who have no business breeding anything beyond carrots and why new businesses must be carefully vetted before they are allowed to operate. This evil clueless woman needs prosecution, fines and a few days in jail, then she must be banned from contact with animals for life.

  3. Animal abusers globally must have the death penalty performed. A slow and agonising death is essential.

    • Absolutely yes in spades!! This is one twisted, demented scum-bag to do such horrific, frightening & pain endured by this beautiful little dog. Inexcusable!! Have this scum-bag endure same horrific experience!

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    Why is it ok for assholes to starve innocent helpless animals to death in this state? I want an answer.

    • I agree! Pls answer this folks, why is this ok for these demented assholes to do this & not be put behind bars to inmates can work them over the same way??!!! Sickening & heart-breaking this beautiful little dog endured this, no way, every should this be.

  5. Gloria Navan says:

    This is unforgivable…it was a deliberate act of cruelty. She must be put in prison.

  6. This HORRIBLE ABUSER needs to be punished to the FULLEST extent of the law under The PACT ACT!!!!

  7. That woman needs to be given the death penalty. It is fair.

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