Starving Dog That Reportedly Died Inside Feces Infested Room Deserves Justice

Target: Genesee County, Michigan Prosecuting Attorney David Leyton

Goal: Punish person who allegedly starved and neglected three dogs, leading to the death of one.

One dead dog and two who were still alive were reportedly found inside a dirty and possibly abandoned home without food or water.  Whoever is responsible for neglecting these animals needs to be quickly brought to justice.

Police searched the home after receiving a complaint about neglected dogs at a local residence. The first dog authorities found reportedly died inside a room surrounded by waste. A veterinarian concluded that the animal had not had any food in at least 30 days, since food was not found inside its stomach and feces was not present in the colon. A second dog named Maddie was also seemingly found to be severely underweight. Officers further discovered a third dog that was thought to be okay. However, it seems that none of them were able to reach their food and that they did not have water.

Police have identified the suspect, but he is still at large. He will be charged with two counts of torturing and killing animals, as well as with a separate animal cruelty charge. Sign this petition to demand this person is adequately punished under the law, if found guilty.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Leyton,

Police discovered one dog that died as a result of severe neglect and two other dogs that did not have access to food or water inside what is likely an abandoned home. Police are still searching for the person responsible. They need to be found, arrested and sentenced to better ensure such cruelty will be less likely to take place in the future.

One dog was found dead inside a room that was filled with feces. A veterinarian concluded that the dog had not eaten in at least one month. Another dog named Maddie was thought to be 13 to 18 pounds underweight. A third dog was found to be in good health. Despite this being the case, none of the dogs were able to reach their food. They also had not been given any water.

For these reasons, it is important that whoever is responsible for these animals’ wellbeing is found, arrested, and immediately prosecuted for animal cruelty.


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  1. Unacceptable. This person(s) need punished severely. Judges need to wake up . This is totally unacceptable. I’m tired of hearing about all the animal abuse from useless vile people . Laws need changed for severe punishment.

  2. Another horrific instance of abuse; one can only hope the offender is punished severely, as much as is possible. Animal abuse has been determined by the federal gov’t to be a felony. Also, there are co-abusers, those who certainly were aware that the three dogs had been abandoned for a month and these are disgusting excuses for humanity.

    We need to know the outcome of these disturbing petitions we are asked to sign.

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