Demand Godiva Chocolate Stop Reported Use of Child Labor

Target: Nurtac Ziyal Afridi, Godiva Chocolate, CEO

Goal: Pressure Godiva to stop selling chocolate allegedly grown with child labor.

Over 2 million children lose their childhood to the chocolate industry by being forced to slave in unfit conditions on cocoa farms. While several leading chocolate companies are upholding their decade old commitments to end child labor, Godiva seemingly remains the most unethical chocolatier in the industry.

These children are exploited, abused, and have no future: a disgusting irony as most of the cocoa they grow is seemingly given to privileged children in holiday gift boxes. They cannot go to school, work long hours, receive no pay, and are exposed to harmful chemicals and horrific work conditions. These young workers have no laws or governments to protect them, and they are at the mercy of a $100 billion dollar industry that wants cheap cocoa.

Godiva made a commitment to use 100% certified cocoa in 2020, but the company needs to demonstrate how it lives out this pledge. It apparently will not share who certifies its cocoa, nor how much of the cocoa is actually certified. Godiva does not reportedly have any programs to actually help farmers as many other chocolate companies do. The company says it has a policy that prohibits child labor, but its cocoa is apparently purchased through third parties, which greatly reduces its ability to ensure fair standards are met.

Godiva needs to ensure that its cocoa farmers are paid a living income that will allow the children to stop slaving in the fields and go back to school. The company also needs to educate and train the farmers in new and improved practices, to reduce harmful chemicals and create a healthy environment for the children.

Godiva needs to let the children be children. Sign this petition to make Godiva stop using cocoa allegedly grown with child labor.


Dear Mrs. Afridi,

I am concerned that Godiva does not do all that it can to help child laborers around the world. Instead of playing and going to school, over 2 million children work long, abusive hours in fields to grow cocoa that could end up in your chocolates. While your company has many policies and commitments in place, consumers seemingly have little assurance that your chocolates are ethical.

I urge you to end child labor in the chocolate industry. Pay cocoa farmers a living income, so children do not have to work for free in the fields. Educate farmers on environmentally sound practices to create a healthy place for the children to grow. Instead of only meeting certification requirements, go above and beyond your obligations and actively improve the lives of impoverished children.

I demand that you do your part to end child labor by ensuring that your chocolates come from ethical sources.


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  1. Do they also use palm oil? I have stopped eating some of my favorite things because I refuse to buy anything with palm oil!

  2. This is why whenever I buy chocolate (need to cut back for health reasons), I get Endangered Species. They’re non GMO and they’re fair trade. In addition, they donate part of their proceeds to environmental conservation projects.

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