Don’t Allow Biased Corporations to Influence Climate Science

Target: President-elect Joe Biden

Goal: Use unbought science to guide environmental policies.

There is so much work being done to understand and mitigate the climate and ecological crisis. Science plays an important role in taking right action at a time when we as a species cannot afford to guess. The Trump administration failed the U.S in many ways- some of which were the public disregard for the contributions of science and the privatization of environmental studies that only lead to bias and false data.

We cannot afford to have corporations provide their own ‘studies’ on their environmental impacts. We can not afford to have businessmen making decisions that impact critical ecosystems. We need science informed policies and unbiased experts in the field assessing ecological impacts of various practices and industries. Profit can no longer be the only consideration. Biden has promised to take the science into account, sign the petition below to demand he keep that promise. 


Dear President-elect Biden,

You said you would take the science into account as you step into the presidential office. In the wake of Trump’s presidency, you must realize how critical this commitment is. Trump set the U.S. so far back as a nation and worked as a counteractive force to the efforts being made on a global level to mitigate the climate and ecological crisis.

Science is an important ally and resource in the struggle to sustain life on Earth. It has been the long-ignored alarm that only in recent years has started to receive an appropriate response. There is no time to ignore the wealth of insight science can provide. Not only must you take science into account, moving forward you must utilize trustworthy, unbiased, unbought expert’s input to make decisions and implement policies that could reduce human suffering in the years to come.


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Photo by: Mark Dixon


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Asking corporations to do their own “scientific” studies is the very definition of conflict of interest. We need scientific studies to be done by real unbiased scientists, who are not beholden to the interests of any corporation or individuals.

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