Chihuahua Puppy Beaten Nearly to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Peter F. Neronha, Attorney General, Rhode Island

Goal: Find and prosecute individual(s) who severely beat a chihuahua puppy to near-death.

A chihuahua puppy was nearly beaten to death and abandoned. Only the quick actions and kindness of local authorities and veterinarians saved this innocent puppy’s life. However, the individual(s) responsible for this crime is still on the loose. Demand that they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The puppy, now named Helen, was found abandoned on a Woonsocket, Rhode Island street. Her injuries, vets said, were consistent with head trauma. She was beaten so severely that both eyes had to be removed.

Thankfully, Helen has survived and is now in her forever home with a member of the vet team who chose to adopt her. However, it will be a long journey to total healing. Those responsible for such horrific acts must pay a legal price. Sign the petition to demand they are caught and immediately prosecuted.


Dear Attorney General Neronha,

An innocent chihuahua puppy was beaten so severely that her eyes had to be removed due to injuries. The puppy was left abandoned on a Rhode Island street and would not have survived if not for the quick actions and care of local authorities and veterinarians.

While Helen may have a happy ending thanks to a thoughtful vet who adopted her, she still deserves justice. No animal is safe while the perpetrator(s) who carried out these crimes is on the loose. I ask that you and your legal team devote sufficient resources to this case that will ensure immediate arrest and prosecution of those responsible.


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  1. Typical yankee lowlife. I would love to torture you. You would not last 1 minute in our area.

  2. Rose Coffey says:

    People who have this kind of evil in their minds and hearts should not be free to roam around in society. How anyone could do this is way beyond me. Hope whoever did this is found. I hate to think of vigilante justice but sometimes you wonder if that wouldn’t be the fitting way to ensure justice is served.

  3. Offer a nice reward, these lowlife cowards will turn on each other for virtually any amount of money. Beating a tiny puppy to near death, that tells you they are depraved and dangerous to any living thing – find them and lock them up, these cowards don’t deserve freedom.

    • joanne bradley says:

      Totally agree with all the above comments. Anyone who can do this to a tiny defenceless animal should not be allowed to roam the streets, this psycho must be caught and locked up before another innocent animal (or vulnerable person) suffers the same fate. There is no excuse for animal abuse. Someone knows who this evil moron is and must report them. Put up a reward to find the low life coward, hope karma catches up with them real soon and they get the punishment they deserve.

  4. Beat the guilty one to death

  5. Catherine neilson says:

    OMG I have a lump in my throat and its going to strangle me, tears running down my face the thought of any one doing harm to such a small animal or any animal is beyond me, please Karma be swift and help find and make these evil B******s pay

  6. Isobel doyle says:

    The people or person who did this to this poor innocent little dog need to be brought to justice, to be punished and put in jail for a very long time. No need for any lenient liberal lawyer or judge here please.
    Only the harshest of punishment to be meted out.need to be put on national dna registration listing. Never to be ever allowed
    A pet of any kind ever.

  7. There is a dangerous sadist sociopath on the loose. If not caught, the authorities will end up investigating a murder.

  8. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I hope the low-down, piece of slime who abused this innocent puppy is caught and severely punished. I’ll never understand what people get out of abusing animals. I wish Helen a speedy recovery and I hope she gets justice.

  9. let’s find the sickos who did this and together gouge out their eyes!!!

  10. Beverly Morin says:

    Maybe we should be thinking about burning these bastard abusers at the stake or how about the guillotine? Would that stop this wretchedness? What kind of sick, twisted reasoning would motivate someone to inflict harm on a tiny, innocent, trusting puppy? Absolute evil!!

  11. Sons of bitches and bastards why why do you want to do that to a poor little dog why what the hell is going on in your brain you sick pieces of crap

  12. Sally Grant says:

    I jave a chihuahua who is now in her forever home. Her 3rd home at 9 mths old. Slapped, no toys, no blankets and no proper food. It took her 4 mths to wag her tail and be the baby she was. She is now 18mths old and still enjoying her puppy stage as she was denied that! Who does this! Chihuahuas are tiny. How sick are you to beat Helen up.

  13. If you ever find the person who did this just make sure they suffer just as much as the chihuahua has.

  14. I agree with every comment printed above. There are some really sick people walking around and if someone sees or hears about something amiss, please don’t ignore it. Tell the authorities. You could save a human or animals life. If we want a kinder country, we must be alert to these kinds of atrocities.

  15. It’s good to see all these comments supporting this poor little chihuahua. It shows there are more good people, than bad. This person or person’s who did needs to be found and prosecuted. And that does not mean a couple of months in prison. The law needs to show this person that criminal activity will not be tolerated.

  16. Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

    we can barely wrap our heads around such evil…and SO SO SORRY sweet little girl Helen that your life started out so heinously AT THE HANDS OF PURE EVIL TO HAVE LOST YOUR VISION WE’RE SO SAD, but at least at the same time love and protection was there to save you, MAY YOUR LIFE BE SUPER BLESSED WITH SO MUCH LOVE AND CARE Moving forward!! On the other hand we know very clearly what we want to see happen to the perpetrator(s) and if it has to be the civilized way then ONLY the harshest and most of severe of punishment will do here, but HONESTLY THIS P.O.S. OR ‘S NEED TO BE DEALT WITH..and in ways outside the system..and yes Vigilante justice, can be perfect, and or even like Beverly Morin mentions Burn these bastards at the stake..YAY..YAY..YAY to watch Evil having the pleasure of watching evil burn in hell on earth. That’s pretty phuckin satisfying for the unconscionable, unspeakable, heinous vicious and malicious cruelty these monsters inflict, there should be nothing less for them then burning at the stake..its more pain and suffering which is what these evil monsters deserve for these awful crimes of cruelty beyond comprehension.

  17. Give them the same treatment then leave to die a slow painful death.

  18. There is no punishment that would be enough for this cowardly POS! Beating a tiny, helpless puppy!
    Now this puppy is blind, she will never have the life she should have had, her life is forever changed when it’s barely even started because of some sadistic coward ….. you can bet this isn’t the first time this scumbag brutalized a being smaller and weaker than themselves! People like this need to be put to death for the safety of all.

  19. U must lead a pathetic, pathetic life to beat a tiny puppy, hope and pray u dont or will not have children, they are also small and defenseless, LOSER!

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