Chihuahua Puppy Beaten Nearly to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Peter F. Neronha, Attorney General, Rhode Island

Goal: Find and prosecute individual(s) who severely beat a chihuahua puppy to near-death.

A chihuahua puppy was nearly beaten to death and abandoned. Only the quick actions and kindness of local authorities and veterinarians saved this innocent puppy’s life. However, the individual(s) responsible for this crime is still on the loose. Demand that they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The puppy, now named Helen, was found abandoned on a Woonsocket, Rhode Island street. Her injuries, vets said, were consistent with head trauma. She was beaten so severely that both eyes had to be removed.

Thankfully, Helen has survived and is now in her forever home with a member of the vet team who chose to adopt her. However, it will be a long journey to total healing. Those responsible for such horrific acts must pay a legal price. Sign the petition to demand they are caught and immediately prosecuted.


Dear Attorney General Neronha,

An innocent chihuahua puppy was beaten so severely that her eyes had to be removed due to injuries. The puppy was left abandoned on a Rhode Island street and would not have survived if not for the quick actions and care of local authorities and veterinarians.

While Helen may have a happy ending thanks to a thoughtful vet who adopted her, she still deserves justice. No animal is safe while the perpetrator(s) who carried out these crimes is on the loose. I ask that you and your legal team devote sufficient resources to this case that will ensure immediate arrest and prosecution of those responsible.


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Photo Credit: Pxfuel



  1. Who hurts a baby that is do tiny. Who hurts an animal that must have trusted him/her. Find the person and let them feel the pain the puppy went through.
    Violence in society can only be stopped if consequences match the crime

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