Make the Circus Cruelty-Free

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Protect animals from cruelty and abuse by prohibiting their exhibitions in circuses.

Animals in circuses are a brutal display of humans attempting to dominate nature. These disgusting exhibitions are detrimental to the ethical education of today’s youth, which should focus on respect and coexistence with the environment. Sign this petition to end the abuse that animals suffer in fairs and circuses across the nation.

Most circuses do not mandate humane treatment of animals in their shows, and most of the animals are owned by private handlers who are contracted to join the traveling shows. These handlers use extreme and horrific practices to force wild animals to perform unnatural tricks. While a bear appears to perform for a simple treat, rigorous abuse trained him to ride on roller skates. Not to mention, there is continuous strain the animals undergo from being dragged across the country in cramped and unfamiliar accommodations.

Abused animals rarely receive the justice they deserve, since circuses do not remain long enough in a single jurisdiction for a history of animal abuse to be recorded. It is appalling that animals have to be maltreated for such a long time before retribution is obtained. If criminal behavior is proven, penalties are pathetic and will not discourage further abuse.

If circuses are not willing to move toward cruelty-free entertainment, then we must sign this petition to ensure the animals are liberated from human servitude.


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

It is appalling that Canada allows the unethical exhibitions of animals and the abuse they endure at circuses. Animal welfare laws in the country are subpar on most accounts, but it is particularly shocking that animals are allowed to be routinely abused for “entertainment” purposes. These displays of dominance over nature have a concerning effect on youth, who should be encouraged to respect and co-exist with the environment.

Convictions of animal abuse are difficult in the case of circuses that regularly move through different jurisdictions, and penalties are pathetically insignificant and do not discourage future behavior nor produce sufficient retribution.

Several private circuses are already stopping animal exhibitions and shows, but this does not excuse the government from standing idly by, and it is up to the government to stop all animals from being exploited.

I urge you to instate federal legislation that prohibits animal exhibitions in circuses.


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Photo Credit: Clarence Alford


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  2. close them down …. i went as a child to the circus but being a child i never knew the abuse the animals went through, personally all circuses need to be closed and animals should be free to rome in natural enviorments ..

  3. Cindy Miller says:

    Long over due!!

  4. Circuses are horrible places. Animals are mistreated they are starting to make them more ferocious to act that way for the audience. They’re caged they don’t have room to roam they can’t hunt as is their nature and they’re forced to jump through hoops of Fire. Don’t make them behave that way that’s terrible what are you teaching people capture a wild animal and make it submit to tricks that are no longer interesting? These animals belong in their natural habitat why make people pay the sea animals be treated in a cruel manner

  5. No place for an animal. Shut all of them down. Stop the abuse. Long overdue.

  6. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  7. Please make all circuses animal free therefore cruelty free!!!!!!

  8. Please make ALL Circuses animal free thus making all Circuses cruelty free!!!!!!

  9. Alice Knight says:

    Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,
    Please stop this form of entertainment where animals suffer at the hands of their trainers. I cannot believe this is still allowed in our country. I thought we were more civilized and conscientious. We have unnecessary animal abuse which goes on annually in this country. Please if anything, stop this entertainment so our animals can have a life of living freely. Only you can help this cause.

  10. Prime Minister Trudeau,No other animal on Earth has portrayed such a disregard for life than mankind.
    so you think its okay for children to see animals in a circus,so they learn that animals exist for our amusement????? Thats slavery is ok??? Trained animals are captive animals!!!

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