Impeach and Convict Trump for Inciting Insurrection Against Constitution

Target: U.S. Congress

Goal: Impeach Donald Trump in the House and convict him in the Senate for inciting violet riot against U.S. Constitution.

President Donald Trump has proven himself to be a danger to society and unfit to be in office. Numerous members of congress have voiced their dismay regarding the violent mob of Trump supporters that besieged the Capitol last night, including prominent Republicans. There is an overwhelming consensus that the events that took place were a direct result of people acting on what Trump had told them to do. For a U.S. president to publicly incite violence against their own democracy and remain in office for any period of time is a horrible offense. 

Just because Trump has finally admitted that President-elect Joe Biden won, does not excuse him for his actions and the devastating consequences they have had. A police officer was murdered by the pro-Trump rioters and multiple rioters themselves lost their lives. Officers defending the capitol were violently attacked. Public representatives were threatened for upholding the integrity of this election and the Constitution. All because of Donald Trump. It has been stated by public officials that he is “unwell.” Sign the petition below to demand that Trump be removed from office for inciting a violent attempt to overthrow the government.


Dear Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader McConnell,

In light of recent events, it has become undeniably clear that Trump is unfit to be in office for even a day longer. What happened at the Capitol was a direct result of his constant spread of disinformation, propaganda and conspiracy theories. To allow him to finish out his presidency, after everything that has occurred throughout the course of this election, would be unthinkable. Trump has done insurmountable damage to the stability and well being of the U.S. He has shamed the White House, the presidency and most of all, U.S. democracy.  

Out of respect for the American people, Trump must be removed from office without a moment of hesitation. Impeachment exists for this very reason, so use it. Every minute that he retains his presidential title, following his act of terrorism against the nation, is evidence that he is held above the law, like a king. Is that the precedent that you wish you set for future presidents? It is time to impeach, convict, and remove Donald Trump from office.


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Photo by: Tyler Merbler


  1. Michael de Swardt says:

    IMPEACH BIDEN for treason and fraud.

  2. How about a special counsel for the Biden family ties to China

  3. Cindy Miller says:

    seriously, we need Trump out of the white house
    & he should be charged,we never had such an asshole for a president!

  4. Tammy Luppino says:

    Get the narcissist out NOW!!!!

    • Cotton Jenny says:

      Sorry. But the Narrcissist is the lesser of two evils. That murderer coming in will literally still get away with murder.

  5. jiggabongo says:

    Fuck yourself you inbred domestic terrorist scum

    • Cotton Jenny says:

      That’s right. Trump is not a criminal. Now that baby murdering, Muslim living, advocate for ILLEGAL immigrants Biden has committed more crimes in his (what?) 47 years in politics than Vlad the Impaler did during the display of the Forest of the Impaled. Over 40,000 impaled, compared to millions upon millions and millions of murdered babies every single year…. By the democrats.

  6. Andrea Chisari says:

    Spud, you’re a nut. Biden has NOTHING to do with BLM protests, and protests have NOTHING to do with treason, sedition, and insurrection. Too bad you know NOTHING about your own country!

  7. jiggabongo says:

    Notice the fascist scum redneck white trash inbred defenders of Dump are some of the biggest animal abusers. Goat fucking toothless garbage

    • Trumpie should be CHARGED with TREASON.




      • Nicole Houghton says:

        Vicious…are you family of Pelosi

        • Gilda Provenzano says:

          Keep crying MAGAt fascist traitor.

          • Gildy, do you realize that you are so filled with hatred towards your fellow man that one day your sorry ass will just likely explode? You are a filthy mouthed woman who acts and talks like a whore. I suppose you don’t really care about your reputation since nobody here can see your face but I would guess that you are one ugly person because your hate has poisoned you.

    • Just keep kissing poison pelosi’s brown eye then 💩

  8. Andrea Chisari says:

    Czerny, you’ve obviously been wearing blinders for the last four years – or you wouldn’t be spouting these alternatives to facts.

  9. cope peter says:

    down with the deep state scum that are attempting to take away our human rights and laws , our god given rights are not going to be taken this new world order is evil and will without doubt fail.just a matter of time GOD WINS.

  10. Get rid of D Trump, son Eric, and Guiliani

  11. Fit Slim Ebony says:

    Last time they tried to impeach it cost taxpayers millions they’re really trying to break America during a pandemic

    Save America cut politicians pay asap 🤡

    • Cotton Jenny says:

      See, this is how Biden lies to us without seeming to. He said he would not raise taxes. If they impeach him and they’ll have to raise taxes to cover this…. A second lie before he even takes office. His first lie? “This will not be Obama’s third term”, LIAR!!!!

  12. Cotton Jenny says:

    Precisely! Biden is a bigger crook than Trump or even Nixon for that matter!

  13. Cotton Jenny says:

    No. We haven’t had such an asshole for a president… But we’re about to.

  14. 👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Patricia Wicker says:

    TRUMP IS PURE EVIL!!!!~!!~!

  16. Nicole Houghton says:

    Why not impeach BLM, Kamilla Harris, the Obama’s, Biden. I actually want to unsubscribe and I stay in South Africa. He is the best president I have come across and wish he could come and fix our country. The Democrats do not realise what they had in that man. I will not be signing this letter.

  17. TRump supporters are basically insecure individuals who support a cowardly depraved man to feed his ego… They are happy to drink his Kool aid because there are starving to believe the lies he constantly spews our to their brainwashed ears…They desperately need to hear these fantasies as it bolsters their own fragile sense of self. Those sad deluded automatons are going to get the truth in the months to come after the FBI discovers that with Trump all roads do indeed lead to the Kremlin… Trump is using them only for his own ends as a sociopath/ psychopath with power he has been used a tool and stooge by Putin as we are all going to find out soon.

  18. Woke Latino says:

    These are the same politians who voted for the Smithsonian to get a billion dollars & foreign countries $$$$$ from taxpayers & but, the American people $600

  19. Dori Bailey says:

    If this happened years ago there would be no question the president would be impeached the 100 and some Republicans would not have even entertained a thought saying that the election was rigged. They would have gone with the 25th Amendment no doubt about it.

    If this happened in another country all of those Thugs and mobsters and rioters criminals they would have met with strong military force. And basically they would have been killed. Not let go and come back and do it another day.

    • Exactly! Years ago most people respected one another and Presidents didn’t essentially tell people it’s ok to use violence to get what they want. Politicians would work with each other even if they didn’t fully agree. The people who condone this violence that just happened resulting in several deaths, who condone this chaos and then say Trump is the lesser of two evils? WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON??!! Impeach Trump and then throw him, his sons and the whole lot in prison (with no country club perks)for a long time.

  20. Gilda Provenzano says:

    Poor trumptard liar. How many links to you want where RIGHT WING TERRORISTS posed as BLM in Virginia and arrested ir FBI busting them on social media?

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