Remove Unstable and Dangerous President From Office Immediately

Target: Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States

Goal: Support efforts to invoke amendment that would remove President Trump from power.

On January 6, an angry mob stormed the Capitol. One of the nation’s most long-standing buildings was vandalized. Senators and representatives sheltered in place, fearful for their lives, as rioters ran rampant for several hours. By the end of this carnage, four people had lost their lives and several police officers were injured. The President of the United States, who often decried “anarchists, thugs, and looters” while branding himself all about law-and-order, incited this violence and ultimate tragedy.

“We are going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we are probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them — because you will never take back our country with weakness.” These words were uttered by the president in a rage-filled hour-plus long speech to protesters gathered in Washington, DC. He instructed the crowd to converge at the Capitol, where he would join them…which he did not. Other words of “inspiration” screamed by the president’s son and lawyer included “trial by combat” and “we are coming for you.”

From the safety of their homes, these supposedly brave men would watch with the rest of America as the enraged mob they incited took their words to heart and mounted an insurrection on the formal counting of the electoral votes. In the midst of the onslaught, the president finally brought himself to address the ongoing crisis by posting a video once again railing against the election results and calling the insurgents holding the Capitol hostage “very special.” This video got him banned from several social media platforms.

The latest disgrace caps off a turbulent month that saw President Trump playing golf while thousands of Americans died a day from a pandemic he dismissed. He also spent his spare time threatening economic aid for Americans and peddling conspiracy theories, culminating in a call where he demanded an election official overturn the results of that state’s election. For the good of the country, this dangerous leader must be removed now. The 25th Amendment grants the vice president and cabinet members this authority if a president becomes unable or unfit to serve.

Sign the petition below to urge Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and restore sanity to the White House.


Dear Vide President Pence.

Many thoughts must have been running through your mind as you were abruptly ushered from the chambers of the Capitol on January 6. Many more must have hit full-force as you watched that building under siege from a violent mob, with your colleagues still trapped inside. You showed a willingness to put the best interest of this country first when you refused calls to take unconstitutional actions and instead affirmed the will of the people.

Now is the time to show that same conviction. Some may say it is only a few days, so just wait it out. History—and the events of January 6—showed us that even a few hours can measure the moments between life and death. Perhaps better than anyone, you know this president’s instability…this man that currently holds America’s nuclear arsenal, and an arsenal of extremist followers, in his hands. More than any leader in American history, he meets the qualifications for invoking the 25th Amendment due to “incapacitation.”

Be the leader this country needs for this challenging chapter in history. Join with all Cabinet members in bringing safety and order back to American democracy.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Thomas P. Costello


  1. This is pathetic and vindictive. Why do you fear Trump so much?

  2. Trump is checking off Putins bucket list to weaken democracy across the western world very nicely before his Tawdry presidency ends. Putin and every other dictator in the world has applauded every action of this vile man mistakenly placed in the Oval Office… and what’s not to fear about a deranged unstable sociopath with access to the nuclear codes? He continues to play in his toy box flushed with Putins flattery and aided and abetted by misguided kool aid drinking minions and flawed toadies in our political leadership.

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