Dog Allegedly Beaten by Family Member Deserves Justice

Target: Jeff Rosen, District Attorney, Santa Clara County, California

Goal: Give man prison sentence and require that he seek counseling for allegedly beating the family dog.

A dog was allegedly brutally abused by his owner, a man named Jose Lopez Cortes. The suspect needs to receive the maximum time behind bars and the appropriate counseling if it is found he committed this unthinkable act of animal cruelty.

Cortes allegedly started acting irrationally while he was sitting in the living room with his relatives and the family dog. It was claimed that this started after they heard a loud noise. According to reports, Cortes covered the dog’s ears and then started mumbling. Family members said he proceeded to beat the dog as he spoke in a second language.

Cortes was quickly arrested on felony charges. However, he was given a citation and released a day later. Sign this petition to demand that Cortes be given prison time and be required to attend regular sessions with a mental health specialist if it is found he harmed this dog in any way.


Dear District Attorney Rosen,

Jose Lopez Cortes was arrested shortly after officers concluded that he beat the family dog. It is important that he receive jail time and be required to see an assigned counselor on a regular basis if it is found he abused this innocent animal.

Relatives stated that Cortes started acting out while he was sitting with everyone in the living room. Reports indicate that he started acting this way after the family heard a loud noise. They said Cortes then covered the dog’s ears and physically assaulted the animal.

Cortes was taken to jail and booked for a felony. Unfortunately, he was released the next day and given a citation. We therefore demand that you suggest Cortes receive the most stringent sentence possible and also that he attend counseling sessions if it is found he committed this heartless act of animal cruelty to better ensure a similar incident will not happen again.


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Photo Credit: Hebrew Matio


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  1. Piece of shit needs locking up for a long time

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