Stop Exposing Asylum Seekers to Physical Danger and Trauma

Target: Joe R. Biden, President-elect, United States

Goal: Repeal policy forcing refugees to remain in danger while awaiting court decisions.

In late December, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security announced that, contrary to all logic or decency, asylum seekers on the southern border of the United States would be required to wait for hearings in Mexico, rather than the comparative safety of southwestern states. Since then, tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children have been left at the mercy of cartels which prey on migrants in some of North America’s most dangerous cities.

Apart from daily threats of sexual assault, rape, robbery, and physical violence, those restricted under the Migrant Protection Protocols, or “Remain in Mexico” program, are often forced to live in unsanitary and dangerous locations prone to disease and flooding. Amid this nightmarish setting, those fleeing gang violence and political instability are frequently left without communication from U.S. authorities for months, casting enduring uncertainty on their futures and the safety of entire families.

In spite of the clear dangers, President-elect Joe Biden has made no promises to reverse this reckless, discriminatory Trump era policy. Unlike nearly every other country on Earth, the United States still forces asylum seekers to remain in danger even as they reach out for help. Sign the petition below to demand that President-elect Biden pledge to reverse this heinous policy upon taking office.


Dear Mr. President-elect,

Across the globe, governments routinely guarantee the right of asylum seekers to remain in the country to which they apply for refuge. For the past two years, the United States has violated this basic decency, requiring thousands of defenseless refugees to remain in danger in unsuitable living conditions in close proximity to violent and exploitative criminals.

In spite of your pledge to undo many of the worst decisions of the Trump presidency, you have declined to reverse this senseless and cruel policy. This denial is an abdication of responsibility to offer safety and protection to those in need, under every ethical principle and international law. I demand that you immediately repeal the Migrant Protection Protocols at the earliest opportunity after you have assumed the office of the presidency.


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    These people have been through Hell to escape violence and persecution. They should be treated civilly and humanely.

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