Department of Justice: Stop Dismantling Minorities’ Civil Rights

Target: Jeffrey Adam Rosen, Acting U.S. Attorney General

Goal: Do not strip away civil rights protections for minorities impacted by discrimination.

Even on its way out the door, the Trump administration is still attempting to burn down hard-won rights for minorities. As one of his final acts of office, former Attorney General William Barr introduced a document that would slash at Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. This provision bars organizations that received federal funding from discrimination based on race, color, or national origin.

The amended rules would weaken Title VI to the extent that it only covers the most overt acts of discrimination. Minorities would lose their ability to seek legal action if some sudden dictate from an agency has a “disparate impact” on them. In the past, this part of Title VI has helped exposed discriminatory actions in education, policing, and even the right of African Americans to vote. Currently, this key cornerstone of the nation’s foremost civil rights law provides protections in several important parts of people’s lives, from housing to employment to healthcare. Millions of minorities could suffer if this needless attack on civil rights goes into effect.

The Department of Justice has even closed this proposed change to public comment and review, upending yet another norm. Sign the petition below to make your voice heard about this last vengeful strike-back against minorities.


Dear Attorney General Rosen,

The Civil Rights Act is one of the most enduring and important documents ever crafted in America. It should be respected and protected, never undermined or dismissed. The draft document introduced by your predecessor, which significantly weakens safeguards for minorities provided under Title VI, does the latter in harsh and full effect.

Americans should be secure in their education, their homes, their jobs, and their health without the burden of worrying an organization funded by the federal government will arbitrarily take these touchstones away because of who they are. You have days left in office. Make them count.

Stop this destructive dismantling of civil rights before it begins.


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  1. I see our girl Tiffany is at it again, spouting hate and dissension amongst the troops. Hey Tiff, don’t you ever get tired of spreading hate??

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Civil Rights for ALL Americans NOW. Equal Rights for ALL Americans NOW.

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