China: Stop Obstructing Essential Investigation of COVID’s Origins

Target: Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, China

Goal: Allow medical research team entry into China to study the roots of COVID-19.

A team dispatched by the World Health Organization (WHO) to China to investigate the roots of the COVID-19 pandemic has not been cleared for entry, despite an urgent need to study the virus. Although plans to visit the city of Wuhan have been discussed for months, bureaucratic delays have prevented work from getting underway as Chinese officials offer conflicting excuses and explanations of the pandemic’s origins.

Despite unprecedented efforts to address the threat of COVID on a global scale, little is understood about how it developed and spread. In 2020, Chinese officials apologized for mistakes in the handling of the illness, but nonetheless destroyed evidence at the “wet market” in which the disease is suspected to have first spread to humans.

Whether the WHO team has been denied entry in an act of diplomatic frustration or simply due to red tape, blocking efforts to understand the pandemic is a reckless and senseless decision. Sign the petition below to demand that China expedite the entry process and allow experts to get to work.


Dear Mr. Wang,

For over a year, COVID-19 has torn apart communities in China and throughout the world, mutating into an unprecedented catastrophe and requiring heroic efforts to study and stop it. However, even now, the global scientific community doesn’t truly know how it began, information which would be critical to effectively containing and ending the threat.

This is due to a wide range of factors, not least of which is the lack of access to the virus’ earliest sightings in southern China. Now, the World Health Organization’s team of experts is facing frustrating delays as it travels to achieve this crucial purpose. I demand that you speed up the entry process for these scientists and allow them to begin their work. The longer we wait, the more people are left at risk of debilitating illness and death.


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