Stop Reckless Attempts to Overturn Election and Subvert Democracy

Target: Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Object to Congressional protests of Electoral College votes and recognize election results.

Dozens of lawsuits have been thrown out. Recount after recount, and results remain unchanged.  The leaders of several states and members of President Trump’s own administration have publicly disproven every conspiracy theory about supposed fraud. In fact, it was the President of the United States who was recently caught on tape seemingly committing election fraud, alternately pleading with and threatening a Georgia election official to “find 11,780 votes” and reverse a state election he lost. Despite all of these developments, roughly a dozen Senators and over a hundred members of the House of Representatives are still working to defy the will of the people.

On January 6, both chambers of Congress convene in a joint session for a ceremony that was merely a formality during the previous two-plus centuries of this country’s existence. Now, thanks to grand-standing, self-serving politicians, it will turn into a political side-show with far-reaching implications for American democracy. The aforementioned Congressional members, led by Ted Cruz on the Senate side, will protest the official Congressional recognition of electoral votes already cast. They will pull this stunt in spite of no evidence of voter fraud. Further, they are expected to only contest results in states that President Donald Trump lost…casting doubt on the very same systems that delivered many of them their own victories.

While this maneuver is largely political theater and will in all probability fail to change any outcome, it strikes at the very heart of the United Sates’ most fundamental institutions. Free, fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power have been hallmarks of this country since its inception. Attempting to disqualify the votes of millions of Americans is not justice but oppression of the highest order.

Sign the petition below to demand a denouncement of this wholesale and calculated attack on democracy.


Dear Senator McConnell,

You know the actions of your colleagues on January 6 are wrong. Yet you are stepping aside and allowing this charade to take place. Former leaders of the Republican party have denounced this effort as anti-democratic and un-American. Why, Senator, can you not do the same and uphold your oath to defend the Constitution?

What harm is a stunt for cheap political points? It only takes a sledgehammer to the very foundation of this country. An attempt to put a select few in charge of choosing a nation’s leader is called a monarchy. Further, any attempt to overturn the results of an election simply because one does not like them (crushing democracy in the process) is called a dictatorship.

If you like, we could relitigate the elections of every representative and senator who benefitted from the very same process two short months–or two short years–ago. The world is watching, and history is waiting to judge the actions you take in this moment, Senator. Put an end to this attempted coup.

Stop the real steal, and stop trying to silence the voices of the people.


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