Don’t Let Wolverines be Pushed to Extinction

Target: Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Aurelia Skipwith

Goal: Grant wolverines protections under the Endangered Species Act.

Despite there being only about 300 wolverines left in the contiguous United States, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) refuses to give them protections under the Endangered Species Act. If these animals are not listed as a threatened species under this act, they will likely soon become extinct.

The FWS’s own research has shown that climate change is contributing to low wolverine populations because less snow makes it more difficult for the animals to move around with their large paws. Additionally, the agency has acknowledged that less snow means wolverines are not easily able to store food, since the snow acts as a freezer to help keep meat fresh. This makes the FWS’s refusal to give this species the protection they deserve all the more outrageous.

A federal judge also sided with conservation groups that questioned the FWS’s decision in 2016. In fact, the agency was told to conduct another scientific investigation so that the wolverines’ situation could be more clearly evaluated. Sadly, because the FWS has once again refused to protect these animals, wolverines in the contiguous United States continue to struggle and may soon die out. Sign this petition to demand these animals immediately be granted federal protections.


Dear Director Skipwith,

Your agency has continuously denied listing wolverines as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, even though scientists have concluded there are only about 300 of these animals left living in the contiguous United States. If these animals are not soon granted federal protections, they will likely soon die out.

Your decision is ironic, since your agency has recognized that wolverines have been adversely affected by climate change. As you know, they are having a hard time storing food, since there is less snow to keep it cold and therefore fresh. They also have a harder time walking in the warmer weather, because their large paws are better equipped for moving around in the snow.

A federal judge even agreed with conservation groups who filed lawsuits in the past to try and get these animals officially listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. You were asked to look at the situation again using scientific methods and to reconsider giving wolverines federal protections. Instead, you have once again chosen not to declare them as a threatened species, even though the evidence clearly shows that more protections are needed. For these reasons, we demand you immediately list wolverines as threatened under the Endangered Species Act so that they will continue to be around for future generations.


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Photo Credit: DanielBrachlow



  1. laura odonnell says:

    Corporate greed is sickening. It is unnecessary money grubbing and murderous to the planet. It is government’s job, through its agencies, to prevent extinctionby protecting the vulnerable and maintaining the rest. Stop this wilful, horrible behavior. The choices are painful to see. I am ashamed of us.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    Wolverines are an important part of this planet, less are individuals with constipated mentalities!

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