Don’t Hold Endangered Animals Hostage for Human Entertainment

Target: Koizumi Shinjirō, Minister of the Environment, Japan

Goal: End the cruel practice of exploiting exotic animals for profit in cafes and restaurants.

Exotic, and often endangered, animals are being kept for public enjoyment in a recent and worrying phenomenon in Japan. Cafes boasting collections of rare owls, threatened otters, and endangered reptiles have become increasingly popular. But animal rights experts say that, not only is this exploitation of the animals in question, it could fuel an illegal trade in exotic pets which threatens the stability of numerous species and ecosystems.

Animals such as meerkats and threatened slow lorises require unique diets and habitats, which many cafe owners are unable or unwilling to provide. Furthermore, these cafes may normalize the perception of wild animals as essentially no different than domesticated animals, a dangerous misconception which could spur ordinary citizens to keep animals whose care they are not qualified to provide.

According to Japan’s premier animal welfare law, animals held in captivity must be treated in a manner which guarantees their health and safety according to medical, nutritional, and ethical needs. These cafes are a violation of that principle. Sign the petition below to demand that Japan’s environment minister uphold the law and close these sites.


Dear Mr. Koizumi,

The presence of wild and endangered animals in cafes across Japan is a worrying trend which has likely already resulted in unnecessary stress and cruelty inflicted upon the animals in question. By creating the belief in the public imagination that exotic animals are no different than domesticated pets, a disservice is done to conservationists and members of the public who may seek to adopt animals they’re ill-equipped to provide for.

Apart from the looming risk of an epidemic of animal cruelty, however unintentional, these animals could either escape or be dumped, creating the risk of uncontrolled and undocumented invasive populations. I demand that you enforce the 1973 Act on Welfare and Management of Animals, shut down the cafes in question, and return the captive animals to their natural habitats or to qualified specialists.


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Photo credit: Garry Knight


  1. Justin Recht says:

    Stop using animals! They belong to Nature not in stifling noisy environments!
    Have you nothing learned from the Covid 19 and its origin?
    Do you want to become known for another outbreak of an unknown virus? How much Karma is needed?

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  3. When is Japan ever going to cut down on animal abuse? I thought Japan is supposedly a clean and advanced society, but this is very primitive. Japan needs to start some initiatives to curfew the rampant animal abuse in their country. That would be great!

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