Eliminate all Nuclear Weapons

Target: US President Elect- Joe Biden

Goal: Join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

As of 2019, the Pentagon had plans to spend more than a trillion dollars maintaining the US’ nuclear arsenal. Nuclear weapons have drastically increased in sophistication since Hiroshima and no one wants to see what they are capable of now. There is a huge disconnect between the needs of the american people, and the allocation of the discretionary budget. 

In 2019 the US spent $887.8 billion (64.5%) of the discretionary budget on militarization. All the while US citizens are in desperate need of relief, resources and support. For being such a wealthy and developed country, there is an awful disparity when it comes to meeting the basic needs of the public and the application of public resources. Things like health care, housing, education, transportation and access to healthy food continue to be underfunded while our nation’s collection of nuclear weapons stay polished, maintained and ready to fire, just in case a president gets trigger happy and decides to destroy the world. 

It is time to eliminate the threat of nuclear war and to reallocate resources to caring for the land, the people and the future. Sign the petition below to demand that the US join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


Dear President Biden, 

For too long the US has invested in developing and maintaining weapons of mass destruction at the expense of citizens’ quality of life and access to basic resources. As the climate crisis comes to a head,  Covid-19 continues to spread, hospitals suffer supply shortages, unemployment reaches record breaking levels and the american people struggle to survive, it is criminal to continue spending trillions of tax dollars on maintaining nuclear weapons that no one wants put to use. 

The US signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons could be the beginning of a new era- by deescalating nuclear tension and paving the way towards a livable future. Stop investing in war and destruction and start investing in life and the well-being of the American people. I urge you to sign the treaty and join in the elimination of all nuclear weapons. 


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  1. Justin Recht says:

    They serve only one purpose – destroying the planet all that is alive.
    Have the errors of the past taught nothing?

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