Nestle, Stop Stealing Water to Sell

Target: Nestle CEO- Ulf Mark Schneider

Goal: Stop pumping water out of California.

Nestle has been pumping millions of gallons of water a year out of drought-stricken California. Environmental groups have disputed Nestle’s practices repeatedly over the years to no avail. In a 2015 lawsuit between the Center for Biological Diversity and the U.S. Forest Service, it was stated that “Nestle’s continued pumping of water from Strawberry Creek harms and reduces habitat for protected plants and animals.” Yet the U.S Forest Service renewed Nestle’s special use permit and allows them to carry on with this destructive abuse of San Bernardino’s watershed.

The wildfires in California have been getting worse every year. It seems as though CA is in a perpetual drought and the land can not afford to spare the water being stolen by Nestle. In 2020, it is estimated that 4,359,517 acres burned in the CA wildfires. This means not only that people lost their homes, but also major habitat loss. As forests burn, we lose out on crucial carbon sinks that are critical in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Not to mention the impact on wildlife and displacement of people–resulting in further challenges without resolve. 

As the water crisis escalates, companies like Nestle capitalize on exploiting the basic human right of access to clean water. The damage being done will have consequences that are sure to far outlive any profit being made. The U.S Forest Service and Nestle must both be held accountable for their vial abuse of the land, water and people suffering as a result of their actions. Sign the petition below to stop Nestle from pumping water out of Strawberry Creek, CA.


Dear Mr. Schneider,

I am writing to urge Nestle to stop pumping water out of Southern California. This is not the first time the issue has been brought to your attention; however, I trust that in light of the recent wildfires in California, you will surely recognize that it is not only right but urgent that you cease further water extraction. 

It has long been known that Nestle’s practices in California have been detrimental to protected animals and plants. Now in 2021, the climate crisis simply does not afford continued negligence or inaction. The profit you have made by sucking this vulnerable land bone dry will not protect you from the environmental devastation we are all guaranteed. You must do your part to mitigate the coming disasters, and change course in favor of a sustainable and equitable future. I must insist that you stop pumping water out of Southern California immediately.  


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