Fight Climate Change at the Local Level

Target: Mayor of Olympia Washington- Cheryl Selby

Goal: Support Climate Mitigation Plan.

We need climate solutions now. Whether or not governments are willing to declare it, we are in the midst of a global climate emergency. Efforts to mitigate the crisis require all the support they can get. 

In January 2021, the Thurston County Mitigation Plan (TCMP) will be put to a vote. The TCMP is a scientifically based analysis of shifts Washingtonians can expect to see in the environment as climate change continues to alter life as we know it. Also included in the TCMP, are strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and recommended adaptation actions for the public and private sectors to take a proactive and resilient role in future climate challenges and disasters.

While the TCMP is specific to Thurston county, it is exactly the type of initiative we need to support and amplify to set a precedent . By supporting small local movements, we can create momentum on a mass scale in order to cultivate a resilient and regenerative society. Sign the petition below to demand that Mayor Selby support the Climate Mitigation Plan. 


Dear Mayor Selby,

The year 2020 has, if nothing else, made clear the urgent need for action in response to the climate crisis we are facing. This is a global emergency, there is no denying that. It is impertinent that efforts to respond appropriately be met with full support. The Thurston County Mitigation Plan is one such effort. 

Covid-19, wildfires, floods, rising sea levels, habitat loss, this is only the beginning. “After Covid” life doesn’t return to what we are accustomed to. Our world is drastically changing and we must take drastic actions to adapt and prepare for what is to come. All around the world, people are looking for strategies, for solutions, for a plan; one such plan is now being presented to you. I urge you to support the TCMP and to provide an example of proactive action that other communities may benefit from as well. 


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