Don’t Force Pregnant Women to Carry Badly Deformed and Dying Babies

Target: Andrzej Sebastian Duda, President of Poland

Goal: Do not implement and enforce ban on abortions involving fetal abnormalities.

Women will soon be forced to endure the agonizing pain of giving birth to a baby that is certain to die. A heartless new dictate in Poland, ordered without the consent of the majority of the people, will ban abortions even in cases where a fetus has severe abnormalities that make life unsustainable. Around 1,000 such tragic cases occur in Poland every year.

The mostly male politicians in charge of the Polish government have already made almost all abortions illegal, but apparently this complete dominance over women’s bodies still was not enough. A chairman of one of the major political party once vowed: “we will strive to ensure that even cases of very difficult pregnancies, when the child is certain to die, very deformed, still end up in a birth.” The constitutional court, a seeming political puppet of the aforementioned party, made good on this threat. Since then, the number of women calling hotlines in distress have increased exponentially, as have the protests.

This dictate will not officially become law without the government’s affirmation. Sign the petition below to urge the decriminalization of compassion and empathy in these highly sensitive cases.


Dear President Duda,

An estimated 1,000 women endure the heartbreak of an unviable pregnancy every year in Poland. The only small comfort they may receive is the knowledge that they will not have to turn what should be one of the most joyous moments of their lives into one of the most agonizing by giving birth to a dead or dying child. Because of the constitutional court’s recent ruling regarding abortions, even this measure of peace may be taken away.

You can prevent this travesty and protect the well-being of countless women.  Widespread protests have already delayed the rollout of the edict. Do not let this cold, callous dictate become law. It is anything but pro-life.


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Photo Credit: Lon Khuijsen



  1. Robin Abbott says:

    Get with the 21st Century, Poland!

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Get out of the Middle Ages, Poland. If it was men who were forced to do this, this would never happen.

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