Hold Park Ranger Accountable for Reportedly Tasering Native Man

Target: Dave Simon, Director of Albuquerque’s Parks & Rec

Goal: Fire ranger and hold him accountable for allegedly tasering Native American man walking his dog.

A Native man was walking his dog in a park in New Mexico when an interaction with a park ranger reportedly led to him being tasered and detained. Darrell House is a regular visitor to his local park, where he goes to pray and meditate to his ancestors. He allegedly stepped off trail to respect social distancing for a nearby group, when he was approached by a ranger. The incident escalated after House refused to identify himself, then the ranger apparently tasered & detained him.

Native people are often targeted by law enforcement and have historically been forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands. This incident is apparently another case of a Native American being unfairly treated by law enforcement for simply existing. Sign below and demand justice for House by telling the Parks Director to investigate and punish the park ranger immediately.


Dear Mr. Simon,

A park ranger should never taser an individual unless they are posing a threat to others; even then extreme caution should be exercised. The fact that your ranger reportedly tasered a Native man for not identifying himself in a public space is inexcusable. Nobody should be arrested for failing to provide identification. Nor should anyone be tasered for being in public without an ID.

The way your rangers have seemingly conducted themselves is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with at once. There is no way to excuse what has happened and the rangers reportedly responsible for this injustice must be held accountable. I demand swift and firm action on your part, and I demand it now.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Marcelo Freixo


  1. This “ranger” desperately needs a hell of a lot of attitude adjustment. If nothing else, taser HIM the same number of times, and/or make him kneel down next to his victim and pray to Native American deities — maybe then that self-centered, racist butthead will start using his head and his heart…

  2. 1) Interesting that the ID (Name) of the tasering park ranger hasn’t been disclosed.

    2) The tasering incident happened at the Petroglyph National Monument which is administered by the National Parks Service so not sure that requests for firing of the tasering ranger should be directed to the Director of Albuquerque’s Parks & Rec.

  3. Ian Snider says:

    Did you know that native Americans like the Sioux for example eat dogs. They’ve been doing it for centuries and still do to this day, it’s part of their culture. So do you want to support native Americans or prevent them from practicing their culture? Pick one, because you can’t have both lest you be a hypocrite

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