Stop Trump From Slowing Down Vaccination Process

Target: FDA Director Stephen Hahn

Goal: Approve an expedited vaccination process to ensure safety of all Americans.

President-Elect Joe Biden has blamed the Trump administration for the slow rollout of Covid-19 vaccines. Biden says that the vaccine process could take up to 10 years at this point. This is unacceptable in the face of a deadly pandemic that continues to get worse every day. At the current rate, 1 in 1,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the US. Those numbers will get drastically worse unless there is a plan in place to vaccinate as many Americans as possible.

One way to accelerate the vaccine’s distribution is to demand Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval for an expedited process, providing funding to states distributing the vaccine. If it doesn’t get into the hands of every American who needs it soon, then the crisis will only get worse. Sign below and demand that the FDA and other responsible agencies expedite the distribution immediately.


Dear Dr. Hahn,

The Covid-19 vaccine is being distributed at too slow of a pace to really stop the virus’ damage across the country. There are very few options to help expedite the process, but the FDA is in control of one of those ways. Providing extra federal funding dedicated to vaccine distribution is one of the best ways to ensure this can happen.

Right now more than ever, the people of the United States need strong leadership from medical officials. I demand that you stand with us in demanding an expedited vaccination process.


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  1. Cotton Jenny says:

    HE’S not. It’s the jackass dementiacrats. They are forever getting in Mr. Trump’s way and blocking this and blocking that. Mr. Trump issued the distribution of 20 million vaccines. Now, tell me where it’s his fault that the medical profession are being picky, picky, picky, picky about who gets the vaccine first.

    Fact; stop “idealizing” who gets it first, just get those who want it vaccinated. THAT will help slack the damn covid. FFS people, wake up….. This is NOT Mr. Trump’s fault. Wanna bitch about someone holding up the vaccine? Look to your god, Sloppy Joe Biden.

  2. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear Dr. Hahn,
    One wonders – with the new mutated virus now in Colorado and California, what good would it be to apply the actual Pfyzer / Moderna vaccines?

  3. Lawrence Hallett says:

    People WAKE UP as all vaccines have been meant to harm or kill people. View Covid Vaccine is meant to change our DNA and sterilize all women and is a shame to depopulate the world by Bill Gates and NWO. It is a SATANIC agenda as CORONA 6 LETTERS and add up each letter value as C is 3 AND IT TOTALS 66 thus 666. Add me on FACEBOOK if you want to find out many RED PILLS.

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