Stop GMOs from Killing People and the Environment

Target: Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, Canada

Goal: Protect citizens and the environment from toxic and dangerous genetically modified food.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are poisoning people and the environment with fatal consequences, and are mistrusted the world over. Canada is the fourth-largest producer of GMO crops and is the first country to approve a genetically modified animal for human consumption. The government has ignorantly claimed there are no adverse health concerns for people despite laboratory experiments causing health complications in animals, such as infertility, cancer, liver toxicity, and allergic reactions. Pregnant rats that were tested on GMO food showed a high infant mortality rate. Pigs and cows on many farms in the USA have been sterilized by eating genetically engineered food.

The World Health Organization declared that glyphosate is a carcinogen, and this is a key component to creating herbicide resistance in genetically modified food. This allows farmers to spray more herbicides on the crops, and the use of glyphosate-based herbicides has increased 200 percent since GMOs were introduced in 1996. A third of all food tested contains glyphosate residue, yet the government still claims this is within “safe” limits.

Scientists do not know the full long-term effects of eating genetically modified food. It is imperative to ban GMO foods immediately before it is too late. Sign the petition to urge the government to protect its citizens from the deadly effects of genetically modified foods.


Dear Honourable Hadju,

I am concerned that genetically modified organisms are allowed for human and animal consumption. There are too many immediate risks associated with these perversions of nature, and scientists do not know or understand the dangers of long-term exposure. Growing, consuming, and importing genetically modified food should be prohibited immediately.

The environmental impacts of growing GMO foods are alarming. The herbicide-resistant nature of these foods allows for greater applications of glyphosate-containing sprays which have increased 200 percent as a result of GMO foods. It is appalling that a third of the food on grocery shelves contain “safe” levels of this known carcinogen.

Liver toxicity, antibiotic resistance, and allergic reactions have been liked to GMO food. Rats exposed to GMOs in laboratory experiments have an increased infant mortality rate, and farm animals on many farms have been sterilized by feeding genetically modified feed.

Canada is the fourth-largest producer of GMOs growing five different plants, and it is disgusting that the government has allowed the genetic manipulation of a living creature with Atlantic salmon. Nineteen countries in the European Union, along with Russia, Japan, and New Zealand, have banned or are restricting genetically modified foods from being grown or imported. I urge you to follow this example and ban growing and importing genetically modified products in Canada.


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Photo Credit: James Farley

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  1. What a dogshit petition. Shabbily written, packed with misrepresented and misunderstood facts, badly edited, and certain to achieve nothing. Even the target’s name is misspelled and the title by which they’re addressed is non-existent and laughable.

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